Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Shane Greer on Labour's latest sign of desperation.
2. Rene Kinzett on why AV should be rejected.
3. Tory Radio asks: when did charities stop being charities?
4. A Lanson Boy asks why we should believe Brown is sincere on AV.
5. Dave's Part on bent coppers who happen to be black.
6. Peter Kenyon spoltlights Labour's selection contest in Leyton & Wanstead.
7. A Very British Dude asks if blogging really matters.
8. Liam Murray is confused.
9. Michael Crick says David Cameron has AV to thank.
10. Danny Finkelstein discovers an App that allows you to stalk your MP. Dizzy is unimpressed.
11. Cicero's Songs on a U Turn in Ukraine.
12. Kerry McCarthy on more dodgy statistics from the very same LibDems who criticise Chris Grayling.


Anonymous said...

Following on from British jobs for British workers and Brown/Mandys pledge to protect Cadbury workers - Kraft are to close a factory in near Bristol with loss of 400 jobs.

Englishman said...

"AV" voting system explained....by the lads from Auf Wiedersehen Pet!.

Everybody gets what nobody wants.

(6mins in)


They get a Yellow hut.

England would get McLabour!.

javelin said...

If any Conservative MP reads this we need somebody to raise an emergency question in the House to ask the Government to ensure that the UK is isolated from any costs or risks involved in the Greek bailout by the EU.