Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Subrosa explains how the Unions are planning to seize control of the Labour Party.
2. Lobbydog wonders why Geoff Hoon is going now.
3. Your Freedom & Ours on the Greek bailout.
4. Nick Robinson has been to Harlow.
5. Guido on who is funding LabourList.
6. Party Lines on how MPs communicate online.
7. Dizzy has evidence Labour is preparing an anti-Cameron attack website.
8. Andrew Sparrow on the 10 things you will learn from David Willetts' new book.
9. Do you live in Bethnal Green & Bow? If so, click HERE for details of the Tory Open Primary.
10. Mark Pack on a survey which shows that Labour MPs respect this blog most!
11. John Redwood asks just how different is the UK to Greece.
12. PoliticalBetting asks why we haven't got a date for the budget yet.


Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown has been a party to the EU attempts to stave off Greece defaulting on debts.

But why does he not say to the EU that Greece should be like Britain and not worry about cutting the deficit until next year? After all he is saying that to us - so why is it not the same for Greece.

Nor has anyone yet seen fit to ask him if and when we do implement the necessary cuts to redress our debt they will be as explosive as the Greek experience.

The other point to bear in mind is that the incoming govt found the situation far worse than expected.

Robinson in Harlow - an interview with a voter on the news shows how low politics is held. others could wield an influence. it would be the height of ironies if voters upset with the system kept Brown in power.

We have not got a budget date as Brown is still working out his dividing lines.

subrosa said...

Many thanks for the link Iain. Greatly appreciated.

I have to go with trevor regarding the Greece debts.

Brown is all smoke and mirrors - but we know that don't we?

daniel john said...

The other point to bear in mind is that the incoming govt found the situation far worse than expected.
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Anonymous said...

Iain, the story by SUBROSA, reminds me of a story of about two weeks ago. That story was about Labour giving large amounts of tax payers money to the unions under contrived pretexts. e.g. Union training, etc. This gives the unions spare money to donate back to Labour.