Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Tory Politico explains his fight against
2. Alastair Campbell invites you to the virtual launch of his new book.
3. Richard Spring MP announces he is stopping blogging.
4. Cranmer on the Pope's visit.
5. Alex Wilcock gets hot under the collar about the balance of the Question Time panel.
6. Letters from a Tory gives Nick Clegg a lesson the euro.
7. Michael Crick analyses David Cameron's plans to cut the number of MPs.
8. James Kirkup can hardly believed that the House of Commons packed up 3 hours early today!
9. Daily Referendum wants to strip MPs.
10. Mrs Rigby reviews the Tower Block of Commons.
11. Party Lines on the legacy of Sir Thomas Legg.
12. Biteback Publishing on Daniel Kawczynski's new biography of Colonel Gadaffi.


john in cheshire said...

Ref Alastair Campbell blog : is he all there? The 'writings' appear to be from someone who is suffering from some sort of mental condition. I hope this isn't used as justification for his actions, when he is eventually brought to account for what he has done to this country.

Daily Referendum said...

Thanks for the link.

Bird said...

Watching Question Time.
Who decided Theresa May should represent the Tories?
Last week, Caoline Spelman, the week before Amanda Platell.
All duds. Question Time is about rousing the rabble and they didn't rouse a single clap between them.
PC gender politics gone mad? How does Andy Caulson earn his massive salary?
They had Daniel Hannan on a month ago. A brilliant speaker in front of an intelligent, politically savvy audience, but he bombed on Question Time. He didn't know how to rouse the rabble.
Get a grip Andy or get out.

Mrs R said...

Thanks Ian