Friday, February 05, 2010

Bercow Boosted by BNP Candidacy

I hear that the BNP is planning to contest Buckingham. If so, it should help John Bercow by splintering the anti-Bercow vote further (an independent andNigel Farage are already in the field) and giving him a target against which he can attack vigorously without being accused of party politicking.


neil craig said...

Depends how dim the electorate are. The british electorate have proven quite adept at seeing who the real challenger is & it hardly seems difficult to spot here.

If anything, since the BNP normally pick up Labour votes & it looks likely Bercow will have to rely on Labour voters if he is to beat Tories who don't like him...

Tdubs036 said...

I really am surprised how many people seem to think Bercow will lose his seat. Firstly will the people of Buckingham actually choose someone who is not from the area and is only contesting for the sake of publicity.

Secondly he gained 28,000 votes at the last election plus anyone who really thinks that the 18000 Labour/Lib Dems votes from last time will go to BNP or Farage has got a few screws loose.

Thirdly we don't know what kind of constituent MP he has been over the years. However since he increased his votes in 2005 I assume he wasn't a bad one.

His real danger is when the house returns - some MP's will contest him and really it will come down to the votes of the newer MP's. Would be a shame to see the first act of a Tory government is throwing out someone who has been a positive for the House/engaging with the public and a massive improvement on Michael Martin.

Simon Gardner said...

What anti-Bercow vote? I live there. I see no anti-Bercow vote?