Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Memo to Geoff & Patsy

If I were Geoff Hoon or Patricia Hewitt I might think it wise to make myself scarce tomorrow. Judging from THESE EMAILS to them from fellow Labour MPs they would be as welcome in the House of Commons as a Jan Moir at a Stephen Gately tribute concert.

Well done to LabourList for publishing the emails.

People don't vote for divided parties. And we Conservatives should know.


Jimmy said...

David Borrow I fear may have misunderstood the proposal:

"I feel there is no pressure for a ballet only months before the General Election."

Chris Jones said...

I thought Cameron was poor at PMQs today, yet it isn't news. Why? Because some spiteful Labour MPs let their egos get in the way. They must be the toast of Conservatives around the country tonight.

I have no desire to see the Conservatives in power and seriously wonder how much damage they may do if elected. However, when you see the Labour Party as divided as this it's very difficult to find an argument suggesting they should stay in power. This election is becoming a war of attrition between two parties who in any other election would get a complete kicking. Add to this Nick Clegg's truly dismal performance at PMQs today and we're left with no party fit to govern.

Brilliant :(

P.S. Love the analogy :)

Alan Douglas said...

I'm amused to see the main complaint against them is that it harms the Labour tribe. No thought for the country thn ?

Alan Douglas

BilloTheWisp said...

You've got to have a level of respect for Geoff & Patsy. Unless they were monumentally stupid they must have known that this would end in tears.
There are differences between the Tory divisions of the Major govt and now. Major was, I think, generally regarded as a good guy surrounded by shysters, whereas Brown is universally regarded as the shyster-in-chief.
Perhaps Geoff & Patsy have shown that there is some honour left in Labour politics.

John said...

I thought it weird that the latest coup attempt was by:

1. The most patronising politician ever seen in this country (and she came from abroad to do it!) Ex management consultant - says it all)

2. The most inept cabinet member that Labour have ever produced.

They were then followed by Charles Clarke (what a surprise) and Frank Field (what a double surprise!)

By 1:30 pm I knew it would lead to nothing.

Good on them though for pushing a few more voters to the tories.

Nigel said...

An amusing link.

Tom Levitt appears to have a sense of humor :
"...At a time when Britain is setting examples to the world on managing the economy.... " (sic)

And Dai Harvard seems to be borderline illiterate.

Londoner too said...

All together now luvvies(to the tune of D Ream a la 1997 "Things can only get bitter, bitter..." Oh joy. I loved the venim in the email from Dai Harvard (not an MP I have ever had the pleasure (?) of hearing of before) in particular.

Not a sheep said...

People do vote for divided parties if that party is the recipient of near total loyalty from the unbiased by Charter BBC.

Moriarty said...

I seem to remember that Peter Sellers' hapless detective Inspector Clouseau was the object of an unsuccessful series of assassination attempts. Bombs exploded only to leave him unscathed. Innocent bystanders were collateral damage. For some reason yesterday's machinations put me in mind of this thought. I really don't know why.