Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Jeff Peel on the problem with the Robinsons.
2. Bleeding Heart Show has a rap guide to political blogging.
3. Taking Liberties thinks Kerry McCarthy MP is a 'class act'.
4. Shane Greer explains why Labour needs to dump Brown.
5. Mark D'Arcy on some reshuffle history.
6. James Kirkup is feeling 'gilty'.
7. Ellee Seymour on the power of Mumsnet.
8. Nothing British on why the BNP is facing a court case.
9. Danny Finkelstein asks if airport profiling works.
10. Dan Bull writes a musical response to Anjem Choudary.
11. Party Lines on the politics of union donations.
12. Raedwald on the glory of regional accents.

And a late addition. Eric Joyce MP gives his fascinating take on today's events.

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Anonymous said...

From Eric Joyce

"Most regular folk in Scotland see Gordon...a decent man etc"

Apart from wondering whether non-regular people are constipated, I think Joyce is absolutely way off the mark. A majority of Scots I would say see him as a complete tosser who has ruined the country.