Saturday, January 02, 2010

ID on PM

Click HERE and scroll in 4 minutes to listen to a 7 minute discussion between myself, Neal Lawson from Compass and David Walter from the Liberal Democrats about David Cameron's speech today and what it signifies for politics over the coming months.


Malcolm Redfellow said...

Err ... hum.

Notice something?

The BBC's website ran Ken Clarke's Tories 'not ruling out tax rises' story as the lead for many hours (until displaced by Obama & Brown). The Mail rated Cameron's cliché-ridden, tired re-launch well-down the page as item 13. As far as I can see, the Torygraph effectively ignored it.

Bet all that really chuffed the apparatchiks at HQ.

Iain Dale said...

How very strange that it is leading BBC news bulletins, and Sky.

tapestry said...

Iain, the big story is finance.

Politics is becoming mere background theatre as the fact that the British government is spending GBP 800 billion and raising only GBP 400 billion in taxes, starts to dawn on the world.

With GDP at GBP 1.26 trillion and falling, call UK government borrowing 33% of GDP not 12%.

There are no words which Cameron can come up with to compete with the full shocking reality of Britain's fiscal catastrophe.

Satya said...

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