Monday, January 11, 2010

Douglas Issues a Non Denial Denial

In INSIDE OUT Peter Watt reports Wee Dougie Alexander as saying to him

"The truth is, Peter, we have spent ten years working with this guy (Gordon Brown), and we don’t actually like him. We have always thought the longer the British public had to get to know him,
the less they would like him as well."

In today's Sun, Douglas Alexander says this is "not my view". Wouldn't it have been so much simpler to deny having said it? Ah, I see.


Unsworth said...

Wee Dougie, eh? Almost as flexible as his sibling, Bendy Wendy - if not quite as dense.

You see, his views are always subject to change. He has the memory of a fruitfly.

Cogito Dexter said...

Of course it isn't. His view must now surely be that the British public won't like the PM less. That's because they definitely can't stand the PM and they can't like him less (in the same way you can't get less than absolute zero...: Gord's Prayer)

Anonymous said...

Douglas Alexander "This is not my view".........." today, because Brown said it was say that or get off the gravy train. I know when I'm well off."

Bird said...

Sorry, off topic, but I tuned in to LBC Radio this afternoon for the first time in years.
There was a phone-in presented by James O'Brien, The subject was about electing MPs more representative of today's society.
O'Brien thought that MPs covered a lot of special interests.
"Er, Patrick Mercer, he's interested in military matters and, er David Cameron, he's interested in.. er second class PR."
Well, it's not the BBC, but don't these presenters have to pretend to be even handed?
You get on to local radio Iain. Is LBC part of the Labour spin machine

Jimmy said...

The words "flogging" "dead" and "horse" spring to mind.

Anonymous said...

LBC was a fine radio station in late 1970s and early 80s. Of late, it has gathered presenters like O'Brien a Labour-leaning ranter, there is Red Ken who presents on Saturday morning. James Whale hates DC although he is not leftward-leaning. Nich Ferrari is OK but he is the only one with any sense of balance. LBC has become Labour Broadcasting Corporation with a few other presenters ( ranters) like Steve Allan.

FonyBlair said...

Bird - If you listen to Nick Ferrari, James Whale, Andrew Pierce or James Max on LBC I can guarantee you will change your mind.

To be fair to them they are fairly even handed. Right and left wing presenters (including Ken Livingstone!).

The difference between LBC and the BBC is that anyone is more than welcome to call in and immediately disagree unlike the BBC who don't even cover stories that are on every other media outley (Watt story!!?)

By the way werenlt there rumours onje Mr Dale was going to appear on LBC!!?

Thatsnews said...

Ah. But it presumably was his view at some point in the past?

Michele said...

Jimmy - just like your laughable worship of the labour disaster - Hmmm

wild said...

The words "Jimmy", "utterly" and "predictable" spring to mind.

Silent Hunter said...

What a shame then for Wee Douggie, that the event in question had an independent witness in Patrick Wintour who was there and claims he DID say that no one likes Gordon, as Watt has claimed.

Labour = Lies compounded by stupidity!

Jimmy said...

He made a crack about the boss behind his back not realising some snivelling little toad in the room would seek to cash in. Got to be worth six pages of anyone's newspaper. Cue the howls of outrage that the Marxist BBC isn't leading all bulletins with this piffle.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Sorry to burst your bubble Norman, but most of the people you heard on LBC during the period you mention ended up with the BBC, the other Labour propaganda machine. Not only that, it was struggling under one of the most tyrannical union regimes in Fleet Street. The studios were in the same building as Pravda, and the join was seamless.

Twig said...

"The difference between LBC and the BBC is that anyone is more than welcome to call in and immediately disagree unlike the BBC"

If callers try to disagree with O'Brien he tries to baffle them with sophistry and if that doesn't work them he'll fade them out, question their IQ and then move to the next caller.

That's why I switch off the radio after the Nick Ferrari show.