Monday, January 11, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Bloggers4UKIP reports that one of the party's MPs has left UKIP's European Grouping over homophobia.
2. Phil Taylor complains about Andrew Marr's "all left" paper review.
3. Iain Martin warns Gordon Brown to look behind himself! And reminisces about the election that never was.
4. UK Libertarian Party questions why Dfid is funding UK trade unions.
5. Dominic Llewellyn on the LibDem PPC he forced to stand down.
6. Mike Rouse thinks Sky News owes Gerry Adams an apology.
7. Martin Bright finds Gordon Brown strange.
8. Tim Worstall teaches Caroline Lucas some basic economics.
9. LibDem Voice on the weakness of Twitter.
10. Hopi Sen satirises Peter Watt's book deal.
11. Ellee Seymour on quotas for women MPs.
12. Quaequam blog is mystified by Peter Watt's motivations.


Anonymous said...

Dominic Llewellyn is a good story, the lib dems talk about yah-boo politics and then one of them gets caught doing it!

I dont think folk are that bothered by Yah-boo politics unless it is on war or an emotional issue.

Lib Dems are funny though as they complain about it and in my experience the Lib Dems are the biggest peddlers of it! lol Nice to see one get caught out - It was a nohope seat for the Lib Dems even though they claim the opposite.

ItsFairComment said...

Monday, 11 January 2010
Now tests show the ice ISN'T melting: Sea water under shelf in the East Antarctic is still freezing
Daily Mail
"Sea water under an East Antarctic ice shelf showed no sign of higher temperatures, first tests showed today.Despite fears of a thaw linked to global warming that could bring higher world ocean levels, tests conducted on the Fimbul Ice Shelf showed the sea water is still around freezing point.Thanks to sensors, lowered through three holes drilled in the shelf, scientists have discovered the water is not at higher temperatures widely blamed for the break-up of 10 shelves on the Antarctic Peninsula, the most northerly part of the frozen continent."

Jimmy said...

Quaequam's piece is a pretty thorough demolition of Watt's self serving nonsense.sts

Conand said...

Note to Iain>

Bloggers4UKIP has been taken down. Whole blog kaput! (as you German speakers are wont to say).

Happy days :)

Conand said...

Whoops! No it was just that story.


Helen said...