Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. Mark Reckons speculates on the consequences of a Tory majority of 12.
2. Jess the Dog had a dream.
3. Charles Crawford relates some anecdotes about gay rights in Africa.
4. Blue Idea speaks out in defence of Harriet Harman. No, really.
5. Alastair Campbell sees nothing wrong with a bit of airbrushing.
6. Richard Willis on yet another former LibDem PPC who has defected to the Conservatives.
7. Max Atkinson reckons Andy Burnham has declared his candidacy for the Labour leadership.
8. Cranmer highlights an interview with Simon Mayo in the Telegraph.
9. ConHome launches a campaign to unseat LibDem MPs. Lots of bombing. No love.
10. Paul Linford wants a hung parliament.
11. Man in a Shed thinks Greec is(n't) showing us the way.
12. John Redwood busts another economic myth.


William said...

My dad used to work on the Newcastle Journal and always said Paul Linford was an idiot. If he wants a hung parliament then he really must be. Can you imagine what the markets would make of that? We need stability in this country now more than at any other time.

jbw said...

Just came across this link which should make an interesting beginning for a new government.

Paul Linford said...

Well, whoever your dad is William, he clearly never had the guts to call me an idiot to my face.