Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Top 100 Right Wingers in Britain: 51-100

For the third year the Daily Telegraph is publishing a Top 100 People on the Right list. A few weeks ago I chaired a panel which consisted of three Telegraph journalists, two Tory MPs and three political commentators which drew up the list. Here's the first part, running from 51 to 100. You can read the short biogs HERE on the Telegraph site. The second figure denotes the position last year.

50 66 Kit Malthouse
51 NEW Michael Fallon
52 53 Andrew Haldenby
53 32 Stephan Shakespeare
54 40 Anthony Browne
55 NEW Philip Blond
56 60 Ed Vaizey MP
57 61 Annabel Goldie
58 89 Caroline Spelman
59 NEW Douglas Carswell
60 41 Stuart Polak
61 NEW Arminca Helic
62 NEW Peter Davies
63 71 Desmond Swayne MP
64 64 Dame Pauline Neville Jones
65 52 David Willetts MP
66 46 John Maples MP
67 68 Margaret Eaton
68 74 Justine Greening
69 62 Andrew Mitchell MP
70 35 Lord Hurd of Westwell
71 39 Lord Trimble
72 70 Jesse Norman
73 51 Nick Bourne AM
74 73 Neil O'Brien
75 NEW Priti Patel
76 67 Shireen Ritchie
77 75 Sayeeda Warsi
78 90 Sir John Major
79 78 Peter Robinson
80 NEW Andrew Adonis
81 80 Margot James
82 94 Philipa Stroud
83 83 Lord Tebbit
84 NEW Andrew Tyrie
85 NEW Rory Stewart
86 110 Michael Howard MP
87 95 Shaun Bailey
88 82 Stephen Greenhalgh
89 99 Nadine Dorries
90 NEW Jeremy Middleton
91 79 Baroness Shephard of Northwold
92 NEW Kirstie Allsop
93 NEW Grant Shapps
94 98 Owen Paterson
95 NEW Timothy Kirkhope MEP
96 NEW Sarah Wollaston
97 NEW Anya Hindmarch
98 NEW Chloe Smith
99 NEW John Bercow
100 72 Don Porter

The Top 50 will be published tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

What? No mention of Sir Robin Wales (covert Tory Mayor of newham)?

Maybe he's in the top 50!

Bunny Smedley said...

John Bercow is now one of our top 100 right wingers - says it all, really.

Cllr Peter cairns (SNP) said...

Anabel Goldie, the scottish tory leader is at 57, exactly the same place as iain Gray the Scottish Labour leader is on the top left wingers.

Alex Salmond is 12 on the Uk left wingers list, I wonder if he will make the right wing list as well?


Simon Gardner said...

“Mad” Nad Dorries eh? Scraping the barrel somewhat.

Nonkey1 said...

Be serious. There's an election to win.
Get your head out.

Anonymous said...

This is a bizarre list. Lots of fun but absolutely bizarre.

Do the panel get named? They seem to be completely out of touch.

Not sure why the Telegraph are running this. It makes them look like complete outsiders to what is really going on. Normally they would get away with it but 7 months before an election. This is nuts.

Iain Dale said...

Well do enlighten us with your criticisms rather than pant away with generalities.

Demetrius said...

Where is Harriet Harman and Polly Toynbee?

jon dee said...

When did Bercow move from left to right?

Answers on a postcard please.

Victor, NW Kent said...

I am getting better at this. There were only 18 there of whom I had never heard. My political education improves by the day.

Morus said...

I don't know whether to be more surprised that:

(a) Chloe Smith comes above Jon Bercow (Baby of the House preceding the Speaker of the House?!),


(b) that Jon Bercow still turns up on lists of Right Wingers at all!

Lord Adonis' inclusion ("more Andrew, than Adonis") will have someone choking on cornflakes, but I can't discern who tht might be...

Anonymous said...

Kirstie Allsop Ha ha haaaaaaaaa

Silly posh bynt with a big arse and a very small brain

Quietzapple said...

This is a wind up - Right?