Monday, October 05, 2009

Conference Itinerary: Monday

With Special Guest: Steve Nallon,
the voice of Margaret Thatcher (and many others) in Spitting Image


8am Speak on panel at Google Breakfast on online campaigning, Midland Hotel
9.15am Radio 4 interview on candidate issues
9.30am Record One Show interview on prisoner rehabilitation
3pm Speak on blogging with Tim Montgomerie at Party donors event (invite only)
4pm Interview Liam Fox for Total Politics
5.45pm Attend Welsh Conservatives reception
7.30pm Speak on panel Channel 4 News Twitter event, Midland Hotel, Lancaster Suite
8.30pm Attend Eric Pickles' Chairman's Reception
9.00pm Attend Network Rail Reception
9.45pm Attend Spectator Reception
10.45 Attend South East Conservatives Reception
11.15 Attend Essex Conservatives Reception
11.45pm Do a stand up comedy turn (don't ask) Speak at Music in Prisons cabaret, Ruby Lounge, off Piccadilly Gardens


Fitalass said...

Iain, going to a Scottish Tory event this week?

Cynic said...

I see Bob Ainsworth has been inspiring our troops again. The Times quotes a conversation with a Bomb Disposal Sergeant. Ainsworth asked him what the soliders 'at the chalkface' really needed.

More troops was the immediate response.And the inspiring answer?

Ainsworth ""We have got to try to get others to do their share," he said.

"You can throw money at this and it still takes time,"

so now our troops know that while the Government is reluctant to 'throw money at it' it is perfectly happy to throw them without proper equipment or resources and that theres no hope of reinforcement unless the French etc agree....and when do you think that will happen.

So we have jumped in with both feet, have no plan and little or no political support from other allies within NATO (aside from the US). Typical Nu Labour muddle.

PS Bob ...they aren't teachers and don't 'work' at a chalk face' Its a trifle more violent than that

Iain Dale said...

No, but only because I haven't been invited to one.

True Belle said...

Don't you ever sleep Iain?

Anonymous said...

There must be three or four appointments you could fit in between 9.30 and 3?

John said...

When did you develop expertise on criminal rehab, Iain? I do hope you weren't simply spouting opinions without having investigated their basis in empirical evidence. Unthinkable from a Tory, surely?

James D said...

Can't wait for the 11.45pm Youtube video...