Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Thanks So Much For Your Sponsorship

I just wanted to thank all of you who have donated to my sponsored diet. I cannot believe how generous so many people have been. On Thursday I set a target of £2,500. The total already stands at less than £100 short of that, at £2,417. So I have decided to double the target to £5,000. My own personal target is to get down to 16 stones by 30 November. I'm delighted to see Rob Halfon, Jonathan Shephard and Mike Rouse have all followed suit and launched their own sponsored diets. I am tempted to suggest a joint weigh in, but that would only provoke some sick jokes, wouldn't it?

Every single donation is appreciated, whether it is £5 or £250. You can see who has donated HERE - there are some famous (and surprising) names there too (hint hint to diary columns :)). Michael Ashcroft has also just pledged £250, so that pushes me over £2,600. Anyone care to beat that?

Help for Heroes is a great cause and this amount of money will have a serious impact. Do click below to donate if you haven't done so already.


Purple Man said...

Brilliant cause, I will stick a penny or two in at some point.

canvas said...

How much do you weigh right now and what is your goal weight? 16 stone must be a typo?

kinglear said...

Yes Help for Heroes is great, but what about the ex-Gurkhas. Please remember that Joana Lumley will probably only help 2-300 at most whilst we look after more than 10,600 EVERY MONTH.
Temple Melville
Vice Chairman
Gurkha Welfare Trust Scptland

Pam Nash said...


Iain confessed to 18st 7lbs last week - I was staggered, considering that TV allegedly adds 10lbs, he certainly doesn't look that. but it IS very unhealthy and I hope he gets it off.........and keeps it off!!

Uncle Bob said...

Congratulations Iain, don't forget, say no to the mars bars! Let's hope you have to up the target again.

Golf Road Voice said...

Down to 16 stone? You must be very tall...

Sean Haffey said...

Famous? Aw, shucks, you're too kind. (looks down, bashful, twisting toe in the ground). Universally beloved, yes, but famous?

canvas said...

@Pam Nash > I am shocked by those figures!

Iain, How tall are you ? What is your BMI?

I can hardly believe you weight that much. I really think that you should aim for a goal weight of 12 1/2 stone - I'm guessing you are 6ft 1in?

Iain, I genuinely don't want to discourage you but 16 stone is still a very unhealthy weight to be.

I think you could make LOTS and LOTS of money for charity if you re-evaluated your goal weight. You must dig deep and lose that weight!!

canvas said...

Iain, Do you write down absolutely everything you eat each day? Are you following WW? or are you on your own plan?

Many people say that keeping a food diary is the most helpful thing thing to do when trying to lose weight.

I really wish you every success in the world. Please don't stop at 16 stone. Although 16 stone is better than 18 1/2 stone it's still far toooo much.

> Go for 12 1/2 stone by EASTER 2010?! Name an additional charity to benefit once you pass the 16 stone mark?!

You can do it. I swear you would look at least 15 years younger if you lost the weight!

good luck!!!!!!!

Plenty said...

Don't mean to tantalise but just popped out for a packet of Bourbons!

Magical_Mist said...

Best of luck Iain :)

Keep on losing said...

Good grief canvas!

I didn't hear Iain ask for your advice on this. If Iain was 12 and a half stone he would look appaling.. and btw.. what's it got to do with you?

He is losing weight and doing something for a good cause. And you?

canvas said...

"If Iain was 12 and a half stone he would look appaling"

No, he would look his age then! I think it's great what Iain is doing - but 16 stone is still way too heavy!

Think of the money that could be made for charity if all the plumped up Tories did this!

Eric Pickles
Ed Vaizey

the list goes on and on.

Iain Dale said...

Canvas, with great respect you know not of what you speak. And not for the first time! I am 6 foot two and a half with a large frame. If I was 12-12 stone I would look like Nigel Lawson. Awful. My best weight is 15.5-16 stone and that is my goal. At that weight I both feel comfortable and look good. Well, as good as it's ever gonna get!

canvas said...

Iain, even if you got to 15 1/2 stone your BMI would then be 28. Too high! Right now you're BMI is 33.

The maximum healthy weight for you is 14 stone. Maximum. Lead by example! :)

Jonathan Sheppard said...

Iain - hope its going well. Is canvas one of those who likes to tell people what to do but doesn't get off their back side and do something themselves I wonder?

A bit like those who smirk when i told them I was doing the London Marathon - and four marathonslater then still haven't got the balls to put their name down?

Canvas I am 5 foot 10 and also will never be 12 stone. Of course you could always give me some encouragement as it is for a good cause :-


Jonathan Sheppard said...

Canvas - if you follow purely BMI Olympic Rowers, Rugby players and so on would be classified as obese... come on.. give the man Dale some credit.

canvas said...

"you could always give me some encouragement as it is for a good cause :- "

Indeed, it is for a very good cause! Obesity is one of the biggest problems the UK will face in the 21st century.

Jonathan Sheppard said...

Canvas obesity may be one of the biggest health issues we have to gace.I worked for an organisation heavily invovled in the issue of obesity and how primary care could help. BMI is not necessarily the best guide to obesity, and as such other methods should be used.

Using BMI would mean most Rugby players, and indeed heavy weight boxers were obese, which is why Iain is right to suggest your 12 stone comments are daft and dont really come across as being encouraging.

Good for Iain for doing this publicly and raisng money for a great charity.

canvas said...

"Good for Iain for doing this publicly and raisng money for a great charity"


15 stone is certainly better than 18 1/2 stone. But let's not kid ourselves about over-eating!

I still think Iain should weigh no more than 14 stone (maximum) for a man who is 6 ft 2.5 inches.

But every pound lost will raise lots of cash for a very good cause.

Philipa said...

Iain, if I can recover from absolute poverty in the next week or two I will certainly contribute, it's a good cause. As Peter Hitchens has asked you to do something for him (book review) why doesn't he do something for you and put his hand in his pocket?

Newmark said...

Iain, in order not to be considered 'overweight' then, given your height of 6ft 2.5in, you shouldn't be more than 200lb (14st 4lb). That would be a BMI of 25.

You can only claim exemption from the BMI rule if you are a trained athlete carrying a lot of muscle. But maybe you are.