Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Return of the Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Luke Akehurst goes home and thanks those who have cared for him over the last five months.
2. Taking Liberties gives some well meant advice to Nigel Farage.
3. Danny Finkelstein takes issue with Tim Montgomerie over Nigel Farage.
4. PoliticalBetting thinks the Lisbon Treaty could yet be derailed. Good.
5. Leading Green Party activist Rupert Read accuses his party of "sham democracy".
6. Mark Reckons interviews Douglas Carswell.
7. Guido on Twitter Twatter.
8. Max Atkinson on Claptrap and how to engineer a stander.
9. Anna Raccoon on bullets or benefits.
10. Dizzy thinks he can fix the NHS.
11. Cranmer has the latest Wikio rankings.
12. Letters from a Tory on the state of the LibDem blogosphere.


Alan Douglas said...

Aha, it is safe to have insomnia again. You have no idea how valuable these dozens are, to those with odd sleeping patterns and blog-dependency !

Alan Douglas

Clive said...

Iain, do you actually read the posts before summarising them for the Daley Dozen? I ask only becase Dizzy doesn't "think he can fix the NHS", but merely highlights the fact that cutting NHS expenditure has become a shibboleth. And if Guido's twitter post is one of the best of the blogs, then yesterday was a truly bad day for blogging.