Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. CityUnslicker thinks he knows my dirty little secret.
2. Tory Radio asks: Whatever happened to personal responsibility?
3. Mark Reckons on the future of newspapers.
4. PoliticalBetting takes the government to task on postal votes in Newcastle.
5. Douglas Carswell on how to cull the quangos.
6. Cynical Dragon hands out some blog awards.
7. Lobbydog on the Labour MP who thinks Labour is like Brezhnev.
8. LibDem Voice reveals yet another LibDem PPC who has quit the party.
9. Valleys Mam on Plaid and the Tories.
10. Melanie Phillips is disgusted by a Newsnight report.
11. Jonathan Isaby on the campaign to save election night.
12. Mark Pack on the seats which never change hands.


Anonymous said...

'Melanie Phillips is disgusted by a Newsnight report'..

Well they must be doing something right if they are annoying that poisonous evil harridan.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just feel sorry for that Joshua Rozenberg chap - half-way sensible and otherwise seemingly quite intelligent, and somehow for reasons known only to himself he ends up hitched to that witch 'Mad Mel' Phillips.

What has she got on him ?

Anonymous said...

Of course, the idea that Katya Adler may actually be right is an idea which never seems to occur to Melanie Phillips. Does she never stop to think that with all these media types with radically different views to her, and so many of those sharing her views being of the same faith that she might, just might, be the one whose views are biased ??

Is she completely lacking on any self awareness, or is it always 'My country, right or wrong..' with the Jews ?

Iain Dale said...

To the person whose comment I just deleted. If you think I am going to allow a comment through with a name like you have given yourself, think again. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Seiously Iain. Did you really read Melanie Phillip's item or just scan it? I have no problem with your own views on Israel although I disagree with them. Read the MP article again. It's seriously strange and unpleasant. Linking to stuff that borders on the psychotic devalues your own position. Seriously, please read it.

Iain Dale said...

I wasn't aware I had expressed an opinion on the Melanie Phillips piece. How do you know I agree with it? I link to lots of things in the Daley Dozen I don't agree with. I could have linked to it because I think it is paranoid. Or maybe I didn't. Who knows. As you're anonymous you'll understand why I don't give a toss what you think!

Anonymous said...

Iain Dale: "To the person whose comment I just deleted. If you think I am going to allow a comment through with a name like you have given yourself, think again. Grow up."

You censor four of my comments during the course of the day, without any indication as to why, and then say it's because of my nom-de-plume? Sheesh. It wasn't that bad, and wasn't a reference to you or Mr. Oaten, sensitive souls that you are.

Heck, you've even let me comment using that name before now.

If that was all that was wrong with any of my comments why didn't you just change it or say so? Would have been a bit more considerate than just blanking a longtime reader and contributor all day long.

Anyway, am out of here. Thine ego has obviously expanded enormously under the buffing of all those Armenians.

Newmania said...

Dale the Dark Horse eh , thats nothing,what about that Black Beauty ,(could suprise us all)

ukipwebmaster said...

Nigel Farage goes on the attack in Dublin debate: