Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. David Trimble on the Blue Blog looks at Ireland's recent economic woes and draws the lessons.
2. EU Referendum has an attack of wind. Or not.
3. wonders what Vince Cable is up to with his coalition talk.
4. Tom Harris also has a pretty clear message for Twinkletoes Cable.
5. Daryl G has a Moment of Clarity about the need for a bloggers association.
6. John Redwood finds it hilarious the government is now urging us to buy cars.
7. Richard Willis on the Labour VAT rebels.
8. UKIP blogger Michael Cleaver thinks a drop of 8% for UKIP is great news. Ahem.
9. ConservativeHome has news of a YouGov poll on the European elections.
10. Sky News's Peter Spencer on the idiot Tory Boy.
11. Donal Blaney gets an attack of the Trots.
12. Cranmer on the UN's pro Hamas resolution.


Michael Heaver said...

Michael Cleaver? Get it right!

Iain, the drop itself is obviously not good. But the issue here is that UKIP are a party which is good at European Election campaigns, but hasn't yet got the resources to do it for a General Election.

We started at around 3% in 2004. We start at 7% now. Our potential to build up those percentages in the forthcoming months is greater than ever before.

subrosa said...

Why aren't the tories jumping up and down at what is reported in today's Sunday Telegraph?

Oscar Miller said...

The Andrew Marr interview with Cameron this morning was a total horlix. Altho' it was probably more embarrassing for the BBC than Cameron - the anti-Tory intent was clear. Apart from the jaw dropping technical shambles that meant the interview went off air at least three times, they squeezed Cameron in between Richard (yawn) Dreyfus and a black bereted Fairport Convention singer who bizarrely offered us 'woops I did it again' as a parting shot. In addition they allowed David Aaronovich to interject with Labour editorial mid-interview every time it went off air; altogether it was a throroughly unprofessional affair -attempting to make Cameron seem as un-statesmanlike as they possibly could. This was tawdry even by BBC standards. How very very different to their treatment of the dear great leader last week.

Tim Hedges said...

The vote for UKIP is going to double if Ken Clarke is given a job in the reshuffle. I certainly was expecting to vote tory this election but wouldn't be able to with him on board. Cameron had promised to repatriate powers from Brussels; Clarke is too honest to join a front bench that had any such intention.