Sunday, April 08, 2007

Moments of Excruciating Embarrassment

Here's a little anecdotes from Piers Morgan's diaries which spraked off a few memories...
The Daily Mail have sent me on another travel feature, this time to Bahrain. I
took the boys, Rupert and his girlfriend Chloe. We flew over in BA's new
business class seats, which now face each other. This, as I soon discovered, can
be a little disconcerting when watching a slightly risque film like the 40 year
Old Virgin with your twelve year old son. catching Spencer's eye after 'gag's
like 'You know how I know you're gay? You have a rainbow bumper sticker on your
car that says "I like it when balls are in my face,"' is not the most
comfortable experience I've ever had as a father.

I immediately thought back to my early teenage years and watching Bouquet of Barbed Wire with my mother and wishing I was anywhere else but in the room. And when I watched The Virgin & the Gypsy with my Grandmother... well. Best not go any further. Mind you, my grandmother never seemed to mind me gently chiding her for getting rather too into the wrestling on World of Sport on a Saturday afternoon. What she wouldn't have done to have had a personal audience with Mick McManus, Kendo Nagasaki or Giant Haystacks...!


Anonymous said...

All very nice Iain, but what's the current news on all these Labour defections?!

Matt said...

My one was watching Leaving Las Vegas at the cinema with my sister - particularly the scene where Elizabeth Shue's character is explaining to her customers what they can and can't do... or more precisely *where*... I don't want to be too graphic, but it relates to having just washed her hair.

Anonymous said...

"Mick McManus, Kendo Nagasaki or Giant Haystacks...!"

Wasn't "Verity" involved in wrestling before he had his sex change?

Matt Davis said...

Iain, thanks for that, I had exactly the same watching Bouquet of Barbed Wire with my Mother and wanting the earth to open up and swallow me moment in my own youth.

Happy Easter!