Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Thirteen Per Cent of Labour MPs Back Blair

He's toast. If a Prime Minister can only attract the support of 49 of his own MPs (out of a total of 370) surely it is only a matter of time before the removal men come-a-calling. Full story HERE on the BBC website.

I'd sum up his position in one word. Unassailable*.

* For older readers, Margaret Thatcher described Nigel Lawson as 'unassailable' a matter of days before he resigned in 1989.


Jonathan Sheppard said...

so does this mean the end is nigh......

Vlad_the_impala said...

Time to launch the owl magnets

Beachhutman said...

Telling list on the BBC website sidebar:


Minister joins Blair exit demands
Leaked Blair memo: key quotes
Blair 'must heed Thatcher lesson'
Labour 'has alienated key voters'
Blair should carry on - Falconer

Good old dim Charlie F

bt said...

Reasonable. He only got slightly more than double that percentage in the last election. Since that was claimed as an overwhelming victory, half the amount should be good enough for a mandate, surely?

tapestry said...

Yes but Labour MP's are heeding the Thatcher lesson. They are terrified of assassinating their star leader who won them three elections. It would create a generation of bad blood.

Sitting in the waiting room a second longer is turning Gordon Brown's bile to acid. Poor old Gord. He looked so happy watching the World Cup!

Verity said...

As I keep telling you, folks - gone by the end of September.

Anonymous said...

I don't want him to go :

1) Labour will surge in the polls and give them new momentum (remember when Major replaced Thatcher?). Let the rot set in.

2) The replacements for him are even more idiotic and confused.

3) Brown is only now facing the mconsequences of Labour caused economic mismanagement as he has spent the last of Tory created stability- he deserves to be shown for the disaster he is.

Mike said...

The "HERE" link doesn't seem to work.

Does anybody else feel that the "end is nigh" as Jonathan put it? I don't want to start getting excited that Blair might go very soon, but I am finding it hard.

Praguetory said...

We still haven't seen the back of Prescott!!!!

Jonathan M Scott said...

So Blair is toast.

what shall we call it - a Welsh Blairbit?

Kay Richardson said...

Yeah. Burnt toast at that ... and made in a kitchen without any marmite or jam or butter. Only peanut butter (disgusting).

Ted said...

Presumably it'll be a joint resignation Blair/Prescott- or perhaps Blair will resign premiership, leadership and seat leaving John Prescott as leader of the Party and recommend Her Maj selects him as PM until the Labour Party selects a new leader (poking Gordon in the eye as he leaves).
That way we will within days look back in fond memory at the passing of a great leader...

fairdealphil said...

>>>I'd sum up his position in one word. Unassailable. For older readers, Margaret Thatcher described Nigel Lawson as 'unassailable' a matter of days before he resigned in 1989.>>>

You're not thinking of resigning are you Iain?

Verity said...

mike - I've been saying the end is nigh for around five weeks now. I just feel it in my bones that it will be the end of September.

Whether this will be good or bad for the Tories won't affect the hunger for Blair's blood in Labour. If they are bright enough to appoint Johnson the leader, the Tories are out for around another 10 years.

I say this with no pleasure - I loathe the Labour Party - but the Conservatives have wasted all their bullets shooting themselves in the foot instead of attending to the government.

Chuck Unsworth said...

God! As many as that, eh?

garypowell said...

Tony Blair's position with his own party is clearly ridiculous, and has been since before the last election. So you have to ask. WHY IS HE STILL LEADER with no intention of going anywhere until he wants to?

Talk is cheap, and women can always change their minds, due to unforeseen circumstances, so why not our Tone? Whatever he states now, however many times he states it.

Dictators do not just disappear they get hung up by their feet, get burnt in a shallow trench, or go forward to more powerfull and more interesting projects.

Maybe we could elect him GOD of the universe, this may tempt him, to sod-off somewhere a long way away at least. His ego could handle it, but I dont expect that to be the last we here from him.

griswold said...

Blair's departure date will be set by Ms Booth who loves money and hates Brown. Another 12 months adds £10k pa to Tone's pension. Another 12 months gives orgasms of delight to witness the descent into madness of near neigbour Brown. NuLab is in terminal decline. The ghastly experiment draws to a close. Peter Riddell's U turn is at hand. Time to take your nose out of NuLab's arse, Pete.

Ms Booth likes:



G Brown

Blair will go after

Adrian Yalland said...


Are you a fan of Natalie Imbruglia? She wrote a song which si perfect mood music for the moment:

Everydays the same
I feel them merge
I try to separate
Resist the urge
But they tell me
Ill be fine
That it will all get better
Just try to write it down
Or put it in a letter
But the words wont play
And theres no
Easy way to say
Goodbye, goodbye

Keep my head on straight
And dont look down
With all Ive pushed away
Im losing ground
But they tell me
Ill be fine
That it will all get better
Just try to write it down
Or put it in a letter

But the words wont play
And theres no
Easy way to say
Goodbye, goodbye

And from the sidelines
Watch me fall down

And I dont understand
The things I do
But Ill probably be fine
As long as I keep moving
Ill try to write it down
So things just keep improving

Still the words wont play
cause theres no
Easy way to say
Goodbye, goodbye

Casual Observer said...

I wonder if those who want rid of Blair immediatly have considered the possibility of Prezza becoming PM, even on a temporary basis, if Blair gets dumped by his so-called party. After all, what's a deputy for? Would Prezza have to be asked by Her Maj to take over? I bet she'd baulk at that!

De dah, de dah said...

What are the Owl Magnets ? Sounds like something to do with Sheffield Wednesday Football Club

Are you referring to Joe Ashton and Roy Hattersley ?

vlad_the_impala said...

Dear De Dah De Dah said -- Owl magnets refer to the latest, greatest attempt at open government by bloggers such as myself providing helpful illumination to the environmental contract the next-pm-but-one (D. Mille-brand) was attempting to foist on us via his Pete Doherty tribute website. They were amongst the many helpful suggestions provided by an adoring public as a way of helping the young lad through his environmental crises. As to his political crises, well one can only hope he can spend the next few years pining in a think thank until his voice breaks and he can come up with some more brilliant gems of meaninglessly and ineffective intrusive government.

Anonymous said...

Don't comment.

Don't complain.

Just sit back and enjoy the show. The only news is bad news for Blair now...