Sunday, June 11, 2006

John Reid: Get on Your Bikes You Moaning Minnies!

John Reid will seek to emulate Norman Tebbit on Monday when he relaunches his fight against crime strategy. Instead of telling people to get on their bikes, he'll say "Stop moaning and improve your own communities you feckless bastards".Remember when Margaret Thatcher told a bunch of journalists to stop being moaning minnies? Well, it all sounds a bit like that. They really have lost it, haven't they?


Anonymous said...

"They really have lost it, haven't they?" Yes indeedy. And they didn't just lose it; they caused it.

- Anonymousette

WmByrd said...

Stop moaning and emigrate. And take your money with you, English swine!

Rick said...

No doubt the Thought Police will arrest anyone who ventures out.............The way the Labour Regime has perverted and subverted policing and judiciary to make the country an Open Prison where the law-abiding are incarcerated and persecuted whilst the criminal elements run scot-free around the place is truly bizarre.

Not only has Britain become the world's largest Open Prison but now having had cattle wear ear-tags, the Regime has decided the inhabitants of the Open Prison must be tagged in a giant ID Database so they can be controlled by having rights and privileges reduced rather like credit card authorisations

Margaret on the Guillotine said...

"Remember when Margaret Thatcher told a bunch of journalists to stop being moaning minnies? Well, it all sounds a bit like that. They really have lost it, haven't they?"

Hang on - are you implying that Maggie had lost it by the end, then? Ooooh (sucks teeth) - anathema... :)

Iain Dale said...

Margaret, no!

jm said...

Trying to get communities/volutary sector involved in public life? Whitehall giving power away and allowing communities to solve their problems?

Why would a Conservative have a problem with this?

...oh yeah, Iain's making cheap copy by being hypocritical again

Shaun (ed.) said...

It's quite coincidental. Just a few days ago the South African Minister for Safety and Security told parliament that all those who 'whinge' about crime should leave the country. This was very distasteful, coming after three months of unrelenting headlines about rapes and murders everywhere.

Reid's attitude since becoming Home Secretary is contradictory. First he admits that the Home Office is messing up everywhere and then he tells us all to stop moaning about it. Cameron should make something of this at PMQs.

Neil Craig said...

I recently said here that Reid had the potential to become Labour's Norman Tebbit (meaning it in a good way). Perhaps he reads your blog Iain.

Pen Of My Aunt said...

This is my first venture into the political maelstrom of this interweb thingy; I’m not even sure that I’ve chosen an apt nom de plume (sorry), so forgive me if I unknowingly transgress against the accepted etiquette.

The mouthpiece for the current (as opposed to the previous) bunch of statists is complaining that, after years of the state taking control of and power over everything in people’s lives, these powerless people are not accepting some responsibility for what happens around them.
I am confused. I’d be grateful if anyone can explain this apparent dichotomy to me.

UK Daily Pundit said...

Reid's ludicrous idea has got me wondering whether it really was only 85 pence worth of cannabis they found in his house?

Rick said...

Thanks Home Secretary - you did say your Department of State was “dysfunctional” and “not fit for purpose”

Can I now have the right to own a firearm guaranteed in The Bill of Rights 1689 restored to me since you are abdicating responsibility for internal and external security ?

Could you explain why your Security Coordinator with MI5 is Sir Richard Mottram who was a complete incompetent as Permanent Secretary at the Dept of transport under Stephen Byers ?

RedEye said...

It's just a little too like the attitude satirised by Bertold Brecht, 'The people had lost the confidence of the government/And could only regain it by renewed efforts/In which case/Why not dissolve the people/And elect another?'

It's one of those 'Let them eat cake' moments, like Virginia Bottomley saying that she'd had a branch of M & S opened for her early because otherwise she'd be harrassed by people telling her how wonderful the NHS was under the Tories.

If New Labour was a TV series, Reid's 'Stop moaning' outburst would look very much like the 'Jump the shark' moment. Then again, this is the man who said to one party member, 'Do I look like the f***ing Wizard of Oz?'