Sunday, December 05, 2004

Dirty Liberals

If you ever had any doubts about the LibDems dirty tricks department CLICK HERE. And don't forget to visit CHARLESKENNEDY.CO.UK. It's a real eye-opener.


Anonymous said...

Being the fair man you are Iain, I'm sure you're happy to advertise:

as well. And just to set the record straight, libdemwatch has been shown to be funded by a large, LABOUR SUPPORTING union (as has highlighted) It is also the only one of these type of sites that doesn't allow comments to be left, so mistakes and distortions can be corrected. Funny that!

Iain Dale said...

I frankly don't care who supports it - it exposes the hypocrisy of the LibDems. The Tory Trouble site is a very very pale imitation, I think you'll agree.

I am sure you are impressed that I allow comments on this Blog and don't censor them. Go on, admit it.

Anonymous said...

I am- and I am pleased to say so. I think that any politician who allows comments should be commended- writing a blog is a risk- just look at Jody Dunn, with her comments in Hartlepool which Labour based their entire campaign on, and which ultimatly cost her the election. Of course Iain, I hope the same slip-up never occurs on this site ;)

Whatever my view on the Tories, well done on your site. The EDP was right- your site is better than IACGMOOH- although, isn't anything?

Iain Dale said...

Having just watched the dreaded programme I would have to agree - but then again I would, wouldn't I?! I'm now watching the last episode of Series 4 of The West Wing. What a great series.

Linders said...

I don't think running a blog is any more of a "risk" than giving a long interview or writing an article. Much as I'd probably disagree with Jody Dunn politically what she said was a simple slip of the tongue, and it would be a great waste if political weblogging got a bad name because of a slip that could have happened through any medium.

Thanks for the plug, Iain. :)

Anonymous said...

I also agree that you are open to any comments being posted here - and good at responding to them.

However, I think it is entirely disingenuous to pretend that the fact libdemwatch is funded by a labour-supporting organisation is irrelevant. The site may still reveal discrepancies or whatever in LibDem campaign tactics, leaflets, etc (and I think we should bear in mind those wise words about people in glas houses). However, given that the site a) uses examples that have been taken out of context, b) allows no right to reply or offers any counter defence from Lib Dems, and c) clearly has malicious political motivations, I would suggest libdemwatch's only value is to titillate LibDem opponents and rile the Lib Dems themselves.

Using it as a tool in a Tory campaign would be stooping as low as the site claims the Lib Dems stoop I feel... Although I realise this may not stop you!

Anonymous said...

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