Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Bye Bye Blunkett?

Well it's not looking good for Mr Blunkett is it? I have to say that on a personal level I feel very sorry for him, but it is looking increasingly obvious that his personal circumstances have at the very least coloured his judgement. If you examine all 8 of allegations it really does not look very good. I'm tempted to rehearse them all here, but I'll spare you that. I was in the House of Commons yesterday and the general feeling was that he would survive. I don't think he will. And remember, this prediction comes from the man who bet £20 at 80-1 on a Conservative majority of 21 in 1992. Just a shame my friend (an estemed solicitor in Hoveton) forgot to put the bet on for me... I've nearly forgiven him. Almost. Sort of. Ok, alright then, I'm still seething. I may forgive, but I NEVER forget.

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