Saturday, July 31, 2004

Police Funding Crisis

Commenting on tonight's breaking news that Norfolk and Suffolk Police
forces are facing a funding crisis, North Norfolk Conservative
Parliamentary Spokesman Iain Dale will say tomorrow (Saturday) in a
speech in Horning:-

"We face the real prospect of a cut in policemen in Norfolk and the
fault lies squarely at the door of David Blunkett. He talks tough but
has shackled the Police at every opportunity by imposing ridiculous
amounts of bureaucracy and paperpushing. These extra burdens are
unfunded and he expects local council tax payers to do his dirty work
for him. We learnt this week that the Norfolk Norwich Hospital is £15
million in the red and that local schools are about to lay off 100
teachers. Now we learn that police are under threat too as a £7.8
million black hole has been discovered in Norfolk Police funding. This
is too much of a coincidence and demonstrates clearly that Labour are
underfunding our public services while at the same time spinning that
things have got better. Norfolk people can see clearly with their own
eyes what is happening and no amount of spin from David Blunkett can
hide the fact that our Police are facing a mounting funding crisis.

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