Monday, July 05, 2004

D D Day II

Saturday was an excellent day, apart from the weather, natch. I picked David Davis up from Peterborough station from where we drove to Kelling to a Conservative afternoon tea function. The rains came down and the gazebos nearly blew away. After that I took David to meet the people who are campaigning against the O2 TETRA phone mast on North Walsham Police Station. I hadn't given them much notice so I thought there would only be half a dozen, but around 40 people turned out. It shows how angry they are about O2 riding roughshod over local opinion. David is going to take the issue up with the Home Secretary and I'm going to have another go at the Chief Constable. In the evening we attended and spoke at a dinner at Hanworth - superb function. On Sunday I had to go to Northampton to a conference of all the Conservative candidates in target seats. It was a hugely encouraging event and Michael Howard spoke at the end of the afternoon. I then had to get to Brighton to host another Ann Widdecombe evening. I eventually got home at Midnight. In the last seven days I have covered 1500 miles. Oh, and I see the Sunday Times Atticus column has been reading the Blog again - they printed the Boris Johnson story yesterday...only two weeks late guys!

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