Monday, June 14, 2004

Euro Aftermath

Well I got it right in predicting the result in the Eastern region, but that diesn't take away from the fact that it was actually not a great night for any of the three main parties. In North Norfolk our vote held up remarkably well under the UKIP threat and the fact that the LibDems lost nearly half their General Election share of the vote was certainly a god sign for me. But it's one of those results where if you want to draw positives from it you can, and if your opponents want to, so can they, although quite what Labour can glean from it I'm not sure. I'm not usually one to have a go at the media but to suggest that the results were more disastrous for us than Labour is a joke. Labour got 22% of the vote - 22%!!! We shouldn't lose sight of the fact that we won both the Local elections and the the European elections. A time for cool heads.

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David said...

'a god sign for me' ?? I know the Libbies tend to be sandal wearing pagan sun worshippers but I'm sure the Good Lord will be on the right (Tory) side come the election!

Well done all. Wonder if Blair is going to now hang on until October 2005 or set up a job for himself in Europe before bailing out and leaving Broon with the mess? Life is becoming VERY intersting in this country just now!