Thursday, June 17, 2004

Thanks Antony...

My colleague Antony Little has a great little piece on his blog this week.

Those Lib Dem Election predictions in full…

1.We’ll get 3 MEPs in the Eastern Region … erm, just the one, actually.
2.Simon Hughes is the only man who can beat “Ken Livingstone” … erm, Simon came a humiliating third well behind Steve Norris, actually.
3.Lib Dems will make strong advances … erm, they came a very sad 4th behind UKIP at the Euro Elections, actually.
4.“Liberal Democrats Winning Here” … erm, they lost control of Norwich after just two years and lost 12 councillors, actually.

Couldn't have put it better myself. He might have added that they also lost nearly 50% of their General Election share of the vote in North Norfolk.

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Anonymous said...

mr antony little is my history teacher at notre dame. classicly funny man, a trifle arrogant however, if he doesnt win the election i may have to go and lynch clarke myself