Monday, May 10, 2010

Tweet of the Day

"Just when I thought an election couldn't get any
more interesting than "hanging chads," u Brits go 1 up on us.
Good luck with that."



wild said...

I do not think I have been so angry in my life!

I was not so angry when I learnt that New Labour almost to a man (and woman) were so venal and corrupt.

I was not as angry when I learnt how anxious New Labour were to extract money earned by others in order to spent it on themselves . I shrug. Guardian readers have always passionately believed in redistributing money into their own pockets. It is what they call social justice. How else are middle class Leftists to prosper?

I was not so angry, for example, when the local GP's salaries became so inflated they became arrogant as well as incompetent (the treatment of my mother at their hands has been so appalling I have had no dealings with our GP's for years). The New Labour State will of course be interested in her when she dies (hopefully not in one of those hell hole NHS hospitals that official statistics tell us do not exist) so they can steal (when she is conveniently dead) even more money from her.

You expect Leftists to be thieves - how else are the lazy and resentful to get what they believe to be their entitlement?

I was not so angry at the debasement of standards of education, so that noboby knows what educational qualifications mean any more. For Leftists all that matters is learning that everybody is equal. Why bother learning anything else, unless of course it is learning about how important it is to become absolutely subservient to the wishes of the Leftist elite.

Nor was I so angry at the debasement of official statistics, indeed the whole culture of lies that is the essence of New Labour. I was not so angry when New Labour used the power of the State to smear anybody who disputed their lies.

Nor was I so angry when I noticed the jeering contempt for anything sacred, anything worthy of respect, in our heritage. I just accepted that the Left will produce bad fruit, which people eventually notice is sour.

But now that New Labour (once the electorate have tried to vote them out) are trying to replace the political system of my country with what is in effect a one party State, enough is enough.

Never have I been so angry. I count my life cheap as an Englishman that I would throw away my liberty (and the sovereignty of my country) so lightly, simply because "Progressive" politicians find that inheritance impedes their pathetic little egos.

Sorry this "little Englander", liberty loving Tory is saying go and **** yourself! I would rather drench myself in petrol and set myself on fire in front of Saint Paul's - in tribute to those burnt to death in the firestorms that raged in London when another Socialist (this time from Germany) tried to destroy our political system that quietly submit to your arrogance.

No I have a better idea. I will say I refuse to accept your authority. I refuse to pay my taxes. I refuse to co-operate in any way with those who see themselves as my masters.

The time is not so very far off if they keep on the way they are going, when rows of New Labour politicians will be strung from lamposts in Trafalger Square - and the nation shall rejoice. They treat us with contempt at their peril.

javelin said...

It's not just a financial deficit we have been left with it's a democratic one, as Brown has made so many dependent on so few in marginal seats who are so dependendent on Big Government.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think that a further (very short) period in Opposition for the Tories might do us all a world of good.

Londonerr said...

@wild 06:48


javelin said...

Labour pulled out of the LibLab pact because of unaffordable tax and spend.

Does this means the Tories have committed to the same problem.