Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Summit of Gordon's Ambition

Courtesy of Alison Jackson


Tuscan Tony said...

Very good.

DespairingLiberal said...

You only have to look at this blog for convincing evidence of how incredibly agitated and fearful Conservatives are of the LibDems and, by definition, of the voters, who are supporting them.

The simple fact is that the Tories were supposed to be walking this election with a titanic and irresistible Cameron avalanche. Yet the truth is, despite all his efforts, Dave has still not convinved the great majority of the electors that the Conservative Party is yet fit to take office.

So instead of grappling with what really matters, Tory policies and the way voters view them, all we get is infantile attacks on Nick Clegg and the LibDems on about the same intellectual level as the Beano.

Iain Dale said...

Frit, aren't you? Your bubble has burst.

DespairingLiberal said...

Yeah, right Iain.

Latest YouGov.

Lab 269
Con 268 (!)
LibDem 84

So I must be frit that we're seeing a 20-MP increase in LibDem parliamentary plus holding the balance of power in an N.O.C H of C WITH TORIES IN SECOND.

Keep on taking the pills, they may be helping.

Pam Nash said...


I think you might have come across as slightly more convincing about your party's chances with a different name, 'HappyLiberal' maybe? No, I thought not!

Still, must have been exciting whilst it lasted? ;)

Windsor Tripehound said...

Dear DespairingLiberal (whatever that might be). If this blog is so dreadful, why do you bother to waste your time posting stupid comments in it?

Why don't you do what Iain has done? Set up your own blog, post your own articles, and have discussions wih those of a like mind to yourself.

Please do us all a favour and stop your incessant bloody whining, because, to quote Harold Steptoe, you're getting on my tit!

Cynic said...


"On page 37 of our Manifesto Gordon we have a commitment to increase the number of public toilets across the UK by 4000% over the life of the next Parliament and I know that YOU are just the man to lead this campaign. .... as Minister of Bio Olfactory Greening Solutions (or Min of State BOGS for short)"


" Oh yes. I can see it now. For too long have the people been fobbed off with inferior BOGS while rich Eton schoolboys were provided with gold plated fittings and top quality porcelain at taxpayers expense. Yes I can now create a world with equality at the centre of all our BOGS.

First thing we can do is bring in a new BOGS TAX on all users under the slogan "A Future Fair Price to Pee for All".

New biometric public toilets can scan each individual, identify them and charge them on the basis of income, the post code they reside in, volume / weight of product deposited and the number of times they have used a public convenience that week.

Of course we will need to set up a national identity card scheme for all BOG users but that shouldn't be too difficult should it.

Then I can get Harriet in to design the curtains and seats in the ladies, Ed can help with training people how to make most effective use of their local BOGS, Jack can ............. {rambles slowly away into distance} .....muts call Peter ..... Peter .....are you there Peter .....funny, he seems to have changed his phone.......

tapestry said...

Lib Dems are so boooooring. Yellow? No grey is their true colour.

Chris said...

@ DespairingLiberal.......

Was it Palin who said " How's that hopey change thang going for ya?".

You really believe that people are going to flock to the LibDems? Do you really think that people will believe that increased taxation plus proportional representation is the promised land? You talk about infantile attacks on Clegg. A man who says vote for me because I am not them. The simple fact is that this country has been rogered senseless by that egomaniac Blair. He jumped ship and Brown bludgeoned his way to the PM slot. He buries us in debt and says more debt is the way forward. And the Conservatives are so frightened of telling the truth that they get sucked into this fantasy world of telling us that government spending is good.

You miss the point by a country mile. You want to make a point? Then tell me how, based on HM Treasury figures, that this country can avoid the national debt doubling to approx £1.4 trillion where the interest burden, at a conservative 5% interest rate would be £70 BILLION pounds a year?

How would the mighty LibDems fix that?

DespairingLiberal said...

Thanks Windsor (Tripehound), it's working!

Seriously, I quite enjoy this blog - why shouldn't I contribute? Iain is a good blog writer, which is more than can be said for quite a few of his commentors, although some of those are good too.

Do you only want to hear views that co-incide with your own? You will have a very limited intellectual life if you do.

Alan Douglas said...

Has all the feel of a quality oil painting.

It could be titled :

"The Old Master"

Alan Douglas

Anonymous said...

If you lighten the image, you will see (stuck in the pile of papers) an invaluable tool of Gordon Brown's trade - a knife for back-stabbing.

wild said...
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wild said...

"Despairing Liberal". Your endless narcissistic whining about how much you hate the "Tories" deserves its own blog.

You could write your own comments, and give yourself awards, such as "Humanitarian of the Year" or "My Wittiest Comment of the Month".

In order to maintain your sanctimony however I suggest that you do not look back at the comments you have made in this blog over the years.

If you did that you might be in danger of concluding that the Jesus Christ (or in your case the Richard Dawkins) Award for services to humanity might have to stay on the shelf a little longer, since most people seem to think you are an ignorant, tedious, bigot.

DespairingLiberal said...

I suspect your fury is directly proportionate to Cameron's slide in his lead, Wild!

wild said...

I seem to recall Iain Dale (who because he is a Conservative is a far more tolerant fellow than yourself) has asked you several times if you could go away and make your comments on another blog.

Why the opposition to setting up your own blog? Do you think nobody would ever want to read your reflections?

Whatever gave you that impression?