Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Saturday

1. Policy Diffusion is a site LibDems won't like. At all.
2. Guy Lodge on why a hung parliament could trigger an English constitutional crisis.
3. UKIP blogger Michael Heaver thinks Lord Pearson's election strategy is flawed.
4. Next Left points out some LibDem hypocrisy on Inheritance Tax.
5. Walaa Idris on why her Mum's voting Tory for the first time.
6. Danny Finkelstein on a fatal flaw in Nick Clegg's immigration amnesty.


Anonymous said...

Here is the point I made to the Fink (who suggest we cannot know how long illegals have been here)...
'Fair point - but the dept of work, or whatever its called these days, gives out NI numbers like confetti, so I suspect we could find out easy enough.

But why should 'illegals' confess? it only means they would pay tax and if they have been here a long time they are presumably happy in their lot.'

Norfolk Blogger said...

Three out of six links attacking the Lib Dems Iain.

Oh dear, been got at ?

Iain Dale said...

Nah mate. It's just such good fun.

By the way, pity you have resorted to lying about Keith Simpson. The "ordinary member of the public" you talk about in this post was in fact a LibDem activist - but then you knew that already.

David Cox said...

Policy Diffusion is a spoof surely.

Anonymous said...

Norfolk Blogger: Fair enough, I think this being election time, one should expect at least two :P

Sound and Fury said...

The gory details of Cambridge hustings (25 Apr), analysed by Sound and Fury (h/t Old Holborn for the recording, helped refresh S&F's memory). With a good dollop of S&F's political prejudices, to balance out the severe partiality of the chairperson.

You've been HUSTED!

wv: normati - it's just not the 'norm'?

DespairingLiberal said...

I hardly think that such a driven obsession with desperate attacks 24 hours a day can be "good fun". More like the Gunfight at the OK Corral.

The "Policy Diffusion" one you link to and claim Liberals "won't like at all" is merely silly and obvious.

Oh dear. Even banging the usual immigrant drum doesn't seem to be doing it for the Tories and I predicted some time ago that it would be banged heavily.

The only real puzzle is why it isn't working. Why isn't Cameron going to get an overall majority? Psephologists will be digging deeply into this in the years to come. I suspect that there is a large band of middle-England voters who simply do not and will never again trust the Tories.