Sunday, May 09, 2010

Podcast: The 7 Days Show Episode 23

The lastest edition of the Seven Days Show is now online.

In this week's episode there wasn’t much to talk about. Well apart from the General Election; possibilities of a coalition; differences between the Tories and Lib Dems; whether Brown needs to resign; whether there will be another election this year and much much more.

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DespairingLiberal said...

An inside view on the

Those Terribly Amicable and Constructive Crisis Talks on Coalition

Day 3

William: "Can we please stop bloody poncing about. We need sum bloody agreement. Clegg, put up or bloody shut up! I've got to get some pints in tonight!"

Nick: "I do think Mr Hague that you should, conditions permitting and with the full support of the British people decide that now is the time, popularity permitting, to take a seasoned view of the full range of options and decisively demand change using the excellent method of iterative decision making."

Cameron: "What on earth does that mean? I will ask Boris - he usually knows."

BJ: "Gosh, er, crikey, this is absolutely earth-shattering. Quips notso edificum revisianus interdimatus votitium populum balanco parliamentum. Quo Vadis! Crumbs."

Ed: "No he doesn't".

Mr Gus O' Blather: "Well, the er, em, position is, er the em, Her Majesty Mrs Sarah Brown, I mean, er, the Prime Minister's wife has asked me to assure you all that er...."

Dave: "Now look here, we really must have a stable government by tomorrow morning, wot. Gus, can we or can we not press ahead immediately with a visit to the Queen, if you wouldn't mind arranging it, there's a good chap."

Mr O'Blarney: "Em, that is to say, I'm sure my er, department, er, can have an answer very quickly on that Mr Cameron, perhaps as soon as June 2016, er, that is er, emm, Her Majesty Mrs Brown, er, I mean, Queen Elizabeth, can under the current arrangements, er, my friend Gordon has asked me to assure you, that, emmm, everything that can be done is being done and a sterling effort by my excellent and highly professional civil servants to er, keep Mr Brown in his job, er, I mean, emm, conduct a completely civilized and well structured transfer of power to the next Labour government".

WH: "Well that's bloody it then. Let's all have a skinful and come back tomorrow."

Chris Huhne: "This is incredibly historic."

Clegg: "Yes, it's all fantastic. What did we agree to?"

Oliver: "I must say, this is all marvellous. Reminds me of Eton and Trinity - we all have a jolly good bust-up then over tiffins we make up and have a jolly good laugh. Absolutely wizard!"

Gus: "Just sign here please gentlemen".

Dave: "Oh God. We've got to fight another election next week, haven't we. Better phone Lord A and see if there's any cash left."

Mr Iain Dale: "It really is breathtaking how well these talks are going... sun set fair... all colleagues in agreement... new deal for the centre-right... end of three party politics as we have known it... (continued on page 98 by Mr Portillo)