Saturday, May 08, 2010

No 10 Petition Site Remains Closed

Man in a Shed has left a comment noting that the Number Ten Petition website hasn't been opened up since election day.

I wonder why...


Osama the Nazarene said...

O/T I know but why did the polls get the Lib Dem share of the vote SO wrong?

Chris said...

For God's sake...!


There has to be one at all times!!!
How is this difficult for you to understand!?!!

Suzanne Robinson said...

That is no surprise to me whatsoever!
Brown should grow a spine.

Anonymous said...

Surely the best person for the interim job, AND, who was heavily supported by a public petition, is Jeremy Clarkson.

Maybe you should give him a ring Iain? He's only down the road from Dave.

cartermagna said...

Um, it does say "Petitions will reopen for signatures upon the formation of the Government following the General Election. "

Anonymous said...

Brown's inability to understand basic arithmetic has probably completely blown whatever chances he has of remaining as PM and so he will probably be gone as leader of Labour within a few days.

According to the BBC Brown has rejected the SNP proposal for Labour, Liberals, Plaid Cymru and the SNP to form a progressive alliance with a majority to govern at Westminster.

Since Brown cannot obtain a majority at Westminster with the Lib Dems alone he has committed political suicide by rejecting the Nationalists proposals for a progressive alliance.

The BBC also reports that had a telephone call with Nick Clegg last night during which he "ranted" at Nick Clegg!

Sean Haffey said...


he can quit any time he wishes. It's not a prison sentence.

Thorpe said...

Topic of conversation at my lunch table today: how will Gordon go, when will he go, and as/when he steps aside as Leader, will he go completely and stand down as an MP:

electorate: 12 including myself.


Gone (as PM) by Monday evening: 3.
by end of week: 8.
Stays on as head of Lab/Lib govt: 1.

Gone as Labour Leader:
By Mon evening: 5.
By end of week: 5.
Stays on to Party Conf in Autumn: 1.

Also stands down as MP: 8.
Hangs on as backbench MP: 4.

Roger Moss said...

Why such easy questions? (And I thought Conservatives were supposed to know about the constitutional niceties, and have some respect for them.) Is it because you're not in the mood to face tougher questions, such as why Cameron's spruced-up, A-list Conservatives can only get a feeble increase in electoral support compared to Howard's dog-whistle campaign in 2005?

George said...

Rather like Gordo's mind set.

miko said...


Gordon Brown is leaving London with his family - he is fleeing,having been told by Mandelson he is finished.

At the same time,Labour activists are being allowed to demonstrate in Smith Sq to prevent Clegg and his men from joining Cameron.

Billy Bragg just let the cat out of the bag;

"This time next week,David Milliband will be PM".

The country is being hijacked by Labour to prevent the party that polled 2.5M more votes from forming a govt.

This is a crisis unseen in our country.

Joel said...

Because there's no government to petition?

Anonymous said...

Given that there is such a gulf between the Tories and Lib Dems manifestos it seems unlikely that they will form an alliance despite all the speculation that is going on in the media.

David Cameron could endeavour to take power with a minority government but will be unable to push through any budget or policy commitments in the face of an opposition who are at odds with most of his manifesto.

That should leave the way open for the Lib Dems to form an alliance with Labour providing they get some of their manifesto commitments such as PR, however Labour + Lib Dems cannot obtain a Westminster majority by themselves and so need other parties to give them that.

The Nationaiists have therefore proposed a alliance of all the progressive parties as a solution to the problem, however according to the BBC 24 news Gordon Brown has rejected the proposal out of hand.

Labour are between a rock and a hard place because in any event Gordon Brown's days are numbered for there is no way he will win the vote in the House of Commons when it comes on who is going to be the next PM.

So Labour will be left with the prospect of being in opposition for an indeterminate period unless they ditch Gordon Brown immediately and appoint a replacement leader who is prepared to join a progressive alliance with the Lib Dems and Nationalists.