Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A Kick in the Balls

This is the negative ad being run against Ed Balls in the local Yorkshire media by the Sunlight Centre for Open Government. It's very negative indeed. I understand they've also got one in store for Jacqui Smith tomorrow.

Will they have an impact? We'll know in 60 hours.


Dave Gould said...

Don't care about the Nazi uniform. You'd hope most people have matured somewhat since their student days.

The poppies had me laughing though. Bet you didn't expect that one to come out, Balls.

Johnny Anomaly said...

You should admit that the Sunlight Centre was founded by your colleague Paul Staines a.k.a. Guido Fawkes.

Iain Dale said...

Sorry, in what sense is he my colleague?

I linked to the organisation. If people want to know more about it no doubt they will Google it.

Should I add a decalaration whenever I write about something which involves someone I know?

Don't be so pathetic.

Jimmy said...

Well up to their usual standard I thought.

"I understand they've also got one in store for Jacqui Smith tomorrow."

If it's as well executed as their private prosecution campaign I doubt she'll lose much sleep over it. Can't wait to hear the accent they put on for that one.

Jimmy said...

ps Will the tory candidates be including these in their expenses returns?

Bird said...

Not bad for starters.
Can you imagine, though, how much stuff will come out about Balls and Co if Labour lose on Thursday?
BTW, did anyone see Gordon and his carer on MTV this morning? Sickening.culectsi Surely by now it's not helping the great man to have his wife anxiously following him everywhere he goes.
And who's looking after the kids?

Clive said...

Ah, another fantastic piece of work from the Sunlight Fools, an outfit founded by that staunch British patriot - though Irish resident and passport holder - Paul DeLaire Staines. In comparison to Staines' antics at College, getting drunk and wearing a Nazi uniform seems pretty tame.

If I lived in Morley and Outwood, and if I wasn't inclined to vote for Ed Balls, this sort of dross would provide just the right motivation to go out and tick the box next to his name.

Really, CCHQ must be so glad that the Sunlight Fools and your buddy Barmy Blaney have such low profiles.

wv. nonny - noun. A silly fellow.

Ironic, even blogger agrees with me.

Stuart King said...

I know all parties engage in negative campainging but is this sort of thing really what we want for our politics?

Anonymous said...

"I know all parties engage in negative campainging but is this sort of thing really what we want for our politics?"

What he did ...or the act of exposing it ?

Jimmy said...

Of course if anyone brings up Guido's nazi antics at college that's never quite so funny for some reason.

Weygand said...

But surely the difference is that all Balls' claims that by voting Tory you will die of cancer etc etc are spurious accusations of what might never be, ie balls, whereas these claims relate to things that (it is alleged) have actually happened

Quintin said...

This is exactly not the way to attack Ed Balls and Tory voters should be ashamed if they forward it on. This is the worst sort of misleading, ignorant, bigoted smear job. The substantive accusations include being an idiot at university, taking his salary, and living where his job is. Even the fact he went to a public school and Oxford are things Tories should actually approve of (or at least not disapprove of).

There are plenty of reasons to vote against the man - including hyporcrisy, tribalism and incompetence, but these are none of them. If that is the level of debate that we can attain, we should be embarassed. And Iain, I think you should look at yourself for giving it a wider airing. For shame.

Chris said...

@Quentin, you seem to have missed the point. Obviously Tories don't disapprove of public schools or Oxford University - but some left wing labour voters whose support Balls will need tomorrow tend to be less keen. There is also a hypocritical element to this given the Labour class war campaign against Cameron. The other substantive accusation is that Balls and Cooper maximised personal gain from the expenses system. Of course they are not the only ones to do this - but at least McKay and Kilbride lost their seats over it. I don't particular like this kind of video either - but it makes more fair points than you suggest.