Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Job Advertisement

Position: Research Assistant

Salary: Fixed project fee of £1,000

Biteback Publishing, the sister company of Total Politics magazine is looking for two researchers to work on a new publishing project related to the new Parliament from mid May to the end of June. It will involve extensive research in a rewarding and entertaining field. Knowledge of parliament and the media will be an advantage, along with a well developed sense of humour and the ability to work as part of a team and to deadlines.

Closes Wednesday 12 May 2010

Apply to Iain Dale, iain DOT dale AT totalpolitics DOT com enclosing a CV and a covering letter.


David said...

Quick question, Iain: does this position have a fixed location, or could the bulk of the work be conducted remotely? I'm very interested, you see, but I live in Manchester at the moment and because I'm moving back to Scotland at the end of September to return to academia, it wouldn't make sense to relocate at this point.

Iain Dale said...

Really sorry, but it is London based.

David said...

Fair enough, thanks for that anyway.

Carwyn Tywyn said...

I was about to ask the same question but I see that it has been raised by David.

I live near Llanelli and would not be able to commit to a London-based job.

However, as a recent contributor to the "Party Lines" blog, I would be very interested in receiving information about future opportunities that could be conducted remotely - thanks.