Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Daley (Half Dozen): Wednesday

1. The Election Blog has a chat with TV's Shane Greer.
2. Shane Greer picks his Top 5 Election Videos. Shame he forgot to include the TP Making Your Mind Up video!
3. Angry Walrus on decision time.
4. Tory Landlord wonders if social media can beat the pollsters.
5. Taking Liberties takes a journey from couch war to class war.
6. ConHome has a list of constituencies needing your help tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Editor in chief of Telegraph ousted.

There are a few more who need to follow him. And 2 useless brothers who should go back to Jersey.

Anonymous said...

I notice in the Telegraph that Tebbit is bleating 'why isn't Cameron 15 points ahead. I refuse to reply to the Telegraph ... but its because its a physical impossibility. We are already in the situation that in order to win tories need eye wateringly record swings never seen before. Tebbit forgets this, conveniently. he also forgets that the country is different from 97 and even more so from 79.

Also given labours core vote and the LDs and others its asking a lot to get over 40. Labour themselves last time only got 35.

Labour's voters have cocked the gun but will they actually chose to pull the trigger and blow their party's brains out? Tebbit should grow up.

miko said...

Have just voted at 7am - 2 queues of 30 for each of the two desks.

At last year's local election there were two or three voters at that time.

I predict a massive turnout and a Con majority of 50 - 103 seats.

The day is here - the day Brown and his thugs are thrown out forever!