Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jonah Nick Griffin Closes Down Pub

On Saturday BNP leader launched his campaign for Barking in, er, South Hornchurch, which is not even in his own constituency. To great fanfare, he welcomed his supporters into the Cherry Tree Pub and then proceeded to rally the stormtroops.

The meeting didn't prove a great success for the pub's business, however. On Monday it closed down and today its windows are being boarded up. Was it something he said?

Or perhaps Nick Griffin is another party leader who has inherited the reverse midas touch?

UPDATE: It seems there are two pubs called the Cherry Tree in the area, and the one in South Hornchurch is very much open for business. My informant got their facts rather wrong. The Cherry Tree in Barking is indeed boarded up. I received this email from the mother of the landlady the the Cherry Tree in South Hornchurch...

"We are The Cherry Tree Pub which held a Multi-Party meeting - organised by Sky News amongst other, in our Beer Garden and we can assure you our Pub has never been closed down by anyone let alone Nick Griffin.

If you are going to write biased Bloggs please get your facts straight - see my daughters letter to The Telegraph after the article by Tanya Gold.

Should you wish to visit this establishment you will find us friendly to ALL walks of life regardless of Political, Religion or Creed and serve a good pint as well!"

I am sorry for the misunderstanding.


DespairingLiberal said...

Perhaps he will ask his Security Department to re-open it.

I had that Joseph Goebbels in the back of my cab once.

Antisthenes said...

The BNP are not much of a danger now and are at present laughable and considered repugnant. However another term of Labour could radically alter that situation as economic woes intensify and the fabric of society starts to unravel.

Belittle this prophecy not, history records too many of the same circumstances leading directly to what I predict.

dominic said...

Bloody hell, thanks for bringing to light YET another error in the ridiculous piece in yesterdays' Telegraph by Tanya Gold. She claimed she was in a (non-existant) place called "Dagenham Broadway" (I presumed she meant Becontree Heath Broadway), and went on to refer to "The Cherry Tree" (I presumed the one on Wood Lane in Dagenham...although I'm not actually certain which constituency that falls into, given that much of Dagenham is actually in the BArking constituency) as "a BNP pub" (which, really, it isn't. Maybe there is one of the very few pubs left in Dagenham that could reasonably be described as such, in terms of sympathies of the landlord and so on, but it's not that one). But it wasn't even that Cherry Tree!

dominic said...

Actually I take that back, a bit of googling concludes that the Cherry Tree that Nick Griffin spoke at was the one on Wood Lane in Becontree, rather than the one on the corner of Rainham Road and Cherry Tree Lane in South Hornchurch.

As an ex-local of that area not sure the closure of either of them would be such a sad loss (although their replacement with more agreeable venues with more agreeable clientele would be much desired)

Moriarty said...

"I had that Joseph Goebbels in the back of my cab once."

Now that's what I call a meeting of minds.

Anonymous said...

@DL The leader of my borough council was pestering us to vote for Libdems because they alone can enpower local people. He is not available now. On the one hand the liberals want them and people to be consulted and have power and on the other they want a big govt like Brown does. I visit Sweden and some of what DC suggests is happeninhg there. When our local primary school saw parents removing kids, we all went to see the esteemed LibDem leader of the council about us the parents interested in running a school- we were 55 papents and 60% of us were academics and ex-teachers, and had backers from the business. But the wonderful Liberal wouldn't help. Your comment says what a typical Liberal is. Scrtch a liberal, he is labour!

The Purpleline said...

IAIN- This blog attack is pathetic, do you honestly not understand the reason the Pub was used was because it was closing the next day.

Things even the Brown stasi troopers and idiotic politicians could never act so quickly.

I am not BNP, I am a Tory,I also have a sense of fair play. Beat him & the BNP on policies and ideology. You do not need to do the work of the awful ANL and Unite unions oafs or get down to the level of Liberal Democrats and Labour.

Really dissapointed with you Iain, i thought you were better than this.

Frugal Dougal said...

Possibly the regulars are, rightly, disgusted.

Obsidian said...

The Ace of Diamonds in Manchester - where Griffin held a conference last year - also shut down recently...

You may be on to something.

DespairingLiberal said...

Depends what your school was about norman - was it by any chance a fundamentalist christian school that would teach that all children are sinful and Noah didn't load any dinosaurs up because God only created those fossils as a jest at our expense? If so, then I am with the LibDem leader. Judging from many of your comments on this blog, I am relieved you haven't got anywhere near impressionable young minds, but I daresay your friend Gove will be up to hearing from you.

DespairingLiberal said...

Yawohl, Herr von Purpleline.

BTW, did anyone else see that bit in the papers today that the "soldier" in full fatigues who follows Griffin around everywhere is actually a complete fake? The nearest he got to the army was the salvation army charity shop. Only the BNP could completely fake soldierly support as a vote-grabber.

Stewart said...

Lets put a few things straight.
1. The Cherry tree in question is the one on Wood Lane and is still going strong.
2. The Pub is not a BNP pub, its just a Pub. They have even had a Black Gospel Church meet there on a Sunday up until recently.
3. The BNP hired the pub and paid for its use. The pub is in business to make money, so why should they turn away custom?
4. Dominic, it is obvious you have not been in the Cherry tree in a long time, the new landlady who took it over has turned the pub around so that it is a nice place to go. Go in for a pint and see for yourself.

I should know, my wife is the landlady.

Stewart said...

Ian Dale

I am surprised that such an eminent and experienced journalist would not have checked his facts about the Cherry tree prior to publishing this blog. The Cherry Tree at Rainham has actually been closed for over a month and the windows were boarded up immediatly after it closed. Are you going to print a retraction of this article? Or are you going to just ignore the fact that you made a blatant mistake in not checking your sources as you would have expected by a junior tabloid journalist?