Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Funny Campaigning Stories: 1

From a reader...

A load of us hit a local station at rush hour last night and leafletted the locals on their journey home. One guy came up to me and said:

'I used to campaign all summer, every summer'

'Oh, who for?' I replied

'The Conservatives of course...'

'Great stuff, well, we're really pleased to have your support.'

'...I have to support the Tories, really - after all, my mother was shagging a Tory cabinet minister throughout my childhood.'

Cue speechlessness and guffawing all round as the bloke dashed off merrily down the street.

If you have a funny campaigning story, email me.


Joe Public said...

I thought it was the male that shagged the female?

Anonymous said...

The Labour campaign: In years gone by IBM were famous for selling using what was called the FUD factor. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. After just two days it seems to me that Labour have adopted this strategy for the election.

I hope the industry leaders get very angry by being told by Brown they have been misled. i.e. the public should understand that you industry leaders are simple folk and the Tories have convinced you with a pack of lies.

skynine said...

"Cue speechlessness and guffawing all round."

Ian how can you have a speechless gaffaw all round?

Anonymous said...

Who said that the Tory cabinet minister was male?

BOF2BS said...

In anticipation of generating some I have printed off 6 copies of Iain's post - Twenty Pieces of Advice to Election Candidates - & will be passing one out to each PPC who calls.

Best responses will be contributed ... Perhaps a few other commenters would consider etc etc.

DespairingLiberal said...

Cecil Parkinson perhaps?

Jimmy said...

Screwed by the tories back in the 80s/90s?

Weren't we all?