Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Sunday

1. Greg Hands writes in praise of Peter Tatchell.
2. Ellee Seymour on what bloggers needs to know about defamation.
3. Antony Little on Vince's VAT blunder.
4. Gary Gibbon on the debate rehearsals and who's playing whom.
5. Norfolk Blogger has made a clever video on the marriage tax break. (even if he's wrong, it's still quite clever).
6. Charles Crawford on the legacy of Lech Kaczynski.

Gaby Hinsliff has an excellent feature in the Observer on the new media election.

And a new website is launched - Where's Charlie Whelan?


_ said...

Peter Tatchell campaigns for the legal right to have sex with fourteen year olds. Why ANY Conservative would want to praise this man, be they gay or straight, is utterly beyond me.

Jason Myers said...

Winning the gay vote is about more than just getting gay people to vote tory it's about showing the party is modern & forward looking. Gay people have friends & families & these people will be less turned off by Cameron than they would've been by someone like Michael Howard.Cameron is right to be a centre right leader.Veering to the right would result in disaster.

The married tax allowance vid is good and effective. I do like the policy though as it costs very little to do & encourages commitment which is a good thing. Maybe change it so you only get it on your 1ST marriage. It would make it fairer but obv lots will always hate this allowance.