Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Sunday

1. The LibDem Bracknell Blog defends the Tory Party against charges of homophobia.
2. Tory Outcast explains why I am wrong on Chris Grayling.
3. Iain Martin on the consequences of l'affaire Grayling.
4. Tory Landlord wants to weigh John Prescott. No, really.
5. Daniel Bond tells of canvassing in Hull & Brigg & Goole.
6. John Redwood asks if we are still a Christian country.


Anonymous said...

John Redwood makes an interesting point. I have often thought along similar lines.

It is all part of the Labour inspired decline of are National idenity IMO.

Paul Halsall said...

I have to say that the non-gay-welcoming guest house issue is not high on my list of wrongs. My (straight) dad (who is always on my side) was much more pissed off about than I was as we discussed the issue over Easter Moussaka!

I think, though, your reaction (closer to me dad's) has saved quite a lot of gay Tory votes.

Cameron needs to address it.

And let's face it, for many of us on the left the ONLY aspect of Toryism that is attractive is a certain libertarianism about the state not owning you.

Bring back David Davis.

barniebear22 said...

Am i being Discriminated against by not being allowed to take my dog to every bb?