Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Saturday

1. has a simple message to Tory wobblers.
2. Mark Pack can hardly believe his eyes.
3. Sadie's Tavern returns!
4. Iain Martin says Cameron is in a maze of his own making.
5. John Redwood says the UK has too few producers.
6. Glyn Davies reports strange happenings in Montgomeryshire.


Anonymous said...

Edd Balls, He is hated across the land, nobody trusts him and rightly so! Edd Balls is Gordon Browns right hand hand man.

Edd Balls will be defeated in Moreley and Outwood because the Labour party/LD have failed to improve things. The Tory has the running, lets hope he wins!!!!

Weygand said...

How can we have come so low?

The media, for all sorts of self-interested or self-regarding reasons, puffed this 'debate' and now run mindlessly with what it 'might' mean for the election.

So the manifestos, the detailed policy analysis, the economic and social realities are all to be swept aside by some Princess Di tsunami?

No they are not - turn on your brain; get some sense of perspective!

The Lib Dems will come third and whichever of the other parties has the greater number of seats, Vince will not be Chancellor and Clegg will not have any significant role.

Any suggestion to the contrary by the media is either (a) complete stupidity or (b) cynical exploitation.

At this rate by 6th May Simon Cowell will be tipped for PM and Bob Geldof for Foreign Secretary.