Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. Peter Ould on yet another Labour poster cock up.
2. Nabidana on the Labour poster furore. With some more mockups.
3. Max Atkinson wonders if Jim Naughtie is the most long-winded interviewer in history.
4. Cranmer has the Wikio blog ratings for April.
5. James Forsyth says the Big Mo is with the Tories.
6. Tory Landlord highlights another bad day for John Prescott.
7. Tory Bear on Labour's Taliban moment.
8. A Very Public Sociologist has a first hand account from inside the Stoke Central selection meeting.
9. LibDem Voice has evidence of trouble at mill within the BNP.
10. Michael Heaver on the prospect of UKIP standing on a platform of legalising drugs.
11. Mark Reckons Nigel Farage is on to something.
12. Paul Linford wonders if Vince Cable will be the next Chancellor.

And finally...

LibDem MP Bob Russell works very hard, oh yes.


J Demetriou said...

Yo, Dale, is there any chance at all that Boaty & D might make it onto one of your hallowed lists one time?

Do grace us with a response.



Anonymous said...

Bob Russell defected from Labour in the early 1980's. Bob Russell will back Labour in a hung parliament over the tories. Bob Rusell is an MP for Colchester, who is Labours friend.

Weygand said...

Would someone start a petition to the BBC to get rid of Mr Naughtie?
His default position is to invert the normal interview process by giving the (his) answer to his own question before his interviewee has the chance to speak.
Should anyone have the temerity to express their own view, he immediately interrupts them with his next me me me.
He reminds me of some aged cockerel in a hen coop - time for a chicken casserole.

Max Atkinson said...

Weygand - thanks for confirming that I'm not alone in my view of Mr Naughtie. I was also struck by your 'aged cockerel' point, and especially the word 'aged'. Because I think the problem is that both Naughtie and Humphrys are both too old and should be pensioned off ASAP. And don't accuse me of ageism, because I'm of similar vintage myself.