Friday, April 09, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Ian Cowie blogs on how Margaret Thatcher dealt with MP expenses in 1984.
2. Jim Pickard on Labour's pathetic astroturfing campaign against business leaders.
3. Charles Crawford says I'm right and Guido isn't.
4. Capitalists@Work on James Caan's LibDem leanings.
5. Hopi Sen asks: what internet election?
6. Though Cowards Flinch suggests Shane Greer bows to the inevitable.
7. Luke Akehurst on the Twitter scalp.
8. The Independent Candidate for Waveney, Louis Barfe, makes a confession.
9. ConHome on the LibDem Candidate ... who's buggered off on holiday.
10. Andrew Neil on dodgy immigration stats.
11. Party Lines on the best charity campaigns.
12. Socialist Unity reports that a Labour MP has endorsed a Respect candidate.


Tom said...

How funny... I was at a hustings last night where that same Respect candidate said that if elected MP into a hung parliament she would help prop up a Labour government to keep the Tories out. I guess Lynne Jones has nothing to worry about.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Nah, the post of the day was Jeff Peel's:

Louis Barfe said...

Cheers for the link, Iain. The people need to know.

The Rt Hon. Grim Reaper said...

Luke Akehurst continues his reign as one of the most humourless turds in the blogosphere, I notice...