Monday, April 05, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Easter Monday

1. Tory Bear on the homophobic Green MP (in Latvia). Wonder what Mr MacShane will make of it.
2. Michael Heaver on Johnson Beharry's remarks about Gordon Brown.
3. Iain Martin on the nutters in the NUT.
4. Peter Hitchens on the media election.
5. 3000 Versts on why Adrian Watson and Chris Grayling are very different.
6. SNP Tactical Voting says it's time for DD.
7. Prodicus Challenges Radio 4 on its anti Tory bias.
8. Guido's quote of the day won't go down well in Number Ten.
9. Red Box has the election timetable.
10. Events dear Boy spots some LibDem confusion.
11. Tom Harris wonders if he is a mug.
12. James Cleverly wishes ConservativeHome a happy 5th birthday. As do I!


Michael Heaver said...

Homophobia needs to stop being used as a political football. We need to accept that people right across the political spectrum can have hate for gay people; they are all gits. Tit for tat on an issue as serious as this trivialises the issue and that is sad.

Cheers muchly for the linkage Iain, appreciated as always.

Anonymous said...

lol - Events dear boy shows the Lib Dem battle Bus.

Two things are striking about the bus, firstly that Lib Dems have so little confidence in Clegg that they put Cable on their as well.

Secondly is Clegg airbrushed on that picture?

neilm said...

Why do you promote the drivel written by an embittered Peter Hitchen