Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Daley Dozen: April Fool Special

1. The Department of Government Waste places an Ad in The Guardian.
2. LibDem Voice erects a Pay Wall.
3. The Guardian unveils Gordon Brown's new election strategy.
4. Dizzy reveals Labour's U turn on ID cards.
5. Tom Harris reckons t'internet may be running out of memory.
6. Cardiff Blogger reports that I have at the last minute been selected for a constituency.
7. Guido reports a stratling confession from Danny F.
8. Liberal Conspiracy is rebranding.
9. The Sun reports that there will be a statue of Susan Boyle outside Holyrood.
10. The Red Rag reports Gordon Brown's resignation.

Run out of time to do more. Sorry! I now have to drive up to Rutland to chair an election hustings with Alan Duncan and his opponents. The things I do, eh?


Anonymous said...

Don't forget my vote Conservative entry, something close to Mr. Dale's heart (but missed out on the dozen - strange)

John M Ward said...

Remember the motto, though, before you run yourself into the ground: "More hustings, less speed" :-)

The Grim Reaper said...

The Guardian's story is scarily believable...

T England said...

Talking of April fools I wonder'd why you hadn’t put up the April fools joke that the Conservatives did?
Tory HQ places April Fool ad in The Guardian (and The Guardian doesn't seem to have noticed!)

Anonymous said...

Peter Mandelson did a Good 1st April Joke, he pretended to be a serious politician..........

lol - Peter is well out of date IMO. Labour are still fighting the 1997 election with the same techniques, the same people but the result will be very different.

Labour will get slaughtered.

Houdini said...

I thought you might get a giggle out of this Iain.

Remember our favourite delusional sycophantic Labour acolyte Gary Elsby?

The constituency secretary of the local Labour party, Gary Elsby, said he would announce shortly if he would stand as an independent.

And we still believe the YouGov polls?

Furor Teutonicus said...

With the state of U.K politics it is becoming increasingly difficult to know what is an "April fool" and what is not.

Jimmy said...

"Talking of April fools I wonder'd why you hadn’t put up the April fools joke that the Conservatives did?"

You mean giving money to the grauniad to print a terminally unfunny "joke"? Yes nice one.

I'm still laughing at "step outside posh boy". I would put that up.