Friday, April 09, 2010

Back of an Envelope?

Labour's accusation that Tory spending plans have been written on the back of an envelope were reported with relish by many MSM journalists yesterday. They carried Brown's remarks without question.

Dizzy has comprehensively demolished the charge HERE.

In addition, the chief executive of the Business Services Association confirmed on Newsnight last night that his member companies were already in discussions with the Conservatives (and the government) over renegotiating government contracts.

If the plans were indeed written on the back of an envelope, it must have been a bloody big one.


Anonymous said...

There's a suggestion in amongst the comments on Guido's post about Stuart Maclennan that we should try to get Jilted John to #1 in the first week of May with 'Gordon is a Moron'.

This strikes me as a splendid idea, whether it's the original or this spoof:

I'm old enough to recall Robert Muldoon banning the playing of Peter Cook & Dudley Moore's 'Ballad of Spotty Muldoon' in New Zealand when he was PM. Let's get Gordon angry!

Braveheart said...

Why dos "Dizzy" have to "demolish" Labour's claims? Why doesn't George give it a try?

BTW, where is George?

The Purpleline said...

WHat a great move by DC I really like the public sector scale of top wages being limited to 20 times the lowest earner.

This is a great way to capture lower paid public sector voters and gives the Conservatives the lead on progressive redistribution of public funds in the work theatre.

Darling all over TV screaming about job cuts 40,000 based on the NIC cut and waste savings the Tory party will make.

My question and cannot understand why no TV presenter asks it is this.
So if Tory cuts mean jb losses, what is the difference with Labour cuts. How many jobs will go under LABOUR WASTE REDUCTION PLANS . Answers on a postcard .

Anonymous said...

Weren't a couple of the Beatles greatest classics written on envelopes?

There is also the claim that one of the drafts of the Gettysburg address was written on the back of an envelope.

Oh, and the Perkin's diesel engine was, apparently, designed on the back of an envelope.

Not all things that are designed on the back of an envelope can be consigned to the rubbish bin - some turn out to be masterpieces.

The Purpleline said...

Question I am relatively new to twitter. Where are the tweets on the general election so I can join in. I see a trend list on the side but not one is politics or general election.

ANy help will be greatly appreciated.

Gallimaufry said...

Doing rough work on the back of envelopes first is an excellent way to cut waste. I gather that NuLabour draft all their lies on fairtrade vegetarian parchment embossed with the coat of arms of Count Fondlebum.

The Purpleline said...

titus-aduxas Brown and Balls EMU entry criteria was written on an envelope in a car. The famous 5 tests

Ed the Shred said...

What can be calculated on the back of an envelope (or indeed a fag packet) is that if you keep spending more than you get in (over a business cycle) you increase the debt mountain to unsustainable heights. That is totally imprudent for future generations.

Thank god the country now has the opportunity of throwing the present government into the garbage can.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea that it was done on the back of an envelope. Small = simple = better.

The Labour method of trebling the thickness of Tolley's tax guide does not seem to have helped us so maybe there is a case to be made for simplification.

BTW Iain, what did you make of James Caan's volte face on Newsnight? The NI increase would only cost him £15 per employee he said so what is the big deal.

Yeah James - £15 per employee, per month. Employee 100 people and your tax bill is up by £1500 per month = £18K per year. That's somebody's living wage. This increase of 1% means you can afford to employ 1% less staff for the same money.

In my book, James Caan's credibility just hit rock bottom.

Cynic said...

What was Gordon's plan to sell our Gold at a rock bottom price written on? Whoops...he still wont let us see it.

kris said...

OT but you promised that Michael Caine and Dave were going to "blow the doors off" this campaign.

I turned to Sky waiting for the monumental event and saw the boy Dave proposing YET ANOTHER Obama idea.

Does Dave really think nobody will notice.

For crying out loud.

George said...

Good work by Dizzy.

It doesn't take rocket science to realise that Gordo's 1% increase in NIC's has an impact somewhere.

Will LieBour be using the increase in employer NIC's to effect a 1% budget decrease in the public sector? Afterall if you increase the cost base 2 things occur, you lose net money, which is either replaced, or reduce your cost burden OR you increase prices, or have an increase in funding.

So either LieBour are using the NIC's ploy as a cynical attempt to increase public sector funding by a direct tax on the private sector, i.e. a tax on employment and jobs, OR once again we are seeing the smoke and mirrors of deception, as they introduce a back door reduction in funding of the public sector, combined with a job tax on the private sector.

Gordo as ever, just cannot avoid that little bit of trickery fakery.

A pox and plague on him and his party.

Unsworth said...

I don't care if the plans were written on a dog's bottom, at least there's some hope that Brown's huge spending spree will end rapidly.

cassandra said...

The conservative energy proposals have in fact been written on the back of an envelope, with the simple phrase,'how to destroy the UK economy on the alter of the AGW fraud'
Completely ignoring common sense and national interest in the urge to limit a harmless trace gas.
All of Camerons green dreams are pie in the sky twaddle and dangerous twaddle because whatever job killing cuts the UK makesin a year will be made up for in a week as India and China ramps up energy production from coal.
There can be no industrial recovery without cheap and reliable and plentiful energy supplies, there can be no economic recovery without the above and we cannot pay off our gigantic debts without the above.
The UK cannot shut down its energy based industrial system and replace it with some kind of Luddite pre industrial agrarian society subsisting on allotments and the warm feeling of saving the planet. Our society does not and cannot subsist in a green fools paradise where windmills provide no power and endure rationing and poverty. Its not as though it will even save the planet because we could revert to the living standards of the middle ages and it would not affect the climate any more than the Inca could stave off climate change by sacrificing thousands of humans to their gods. All that will happen is the UK will become impoverished and strife torn and poverty stricken while the world moves on.
The green dreams of Cameron will lead to a nightmare for us, a nightmare wholly avoidable if we act now to kill off the ecomentalist/CO2 trading religious crusade against industrial modernism.
We have two choices forward with industrial society or backward with ignorant Luddite anti industrial society, the latter will lead us to ruin.
Its time Cameron was confronted with some cold hard facts and figures because if someone does not sit this man down well away from the ecomentalist nutjobs/carpet bagging carbon profiteers and tell him the facts of life and makes damn sure that he understands them then there is no hope for any of us. It will only be a matter of time before a kyrgistan type revolution sweeps us all.

Scrobs... said...

Most good ideas used to be written on a 'fag packet'.

Times have now changed ...

As written by a bright guy in Texas, "Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."

Well, it's fairly new to me anyway...

simonh said...

Mark Fox, the Chief Exec of the Business Services Association is hardly an independent witness. As you will know Iain, he has been very active in the Tory party and stood for election for a seat in Norfolk.

Iain Dale said...

Simon, he is head of a trade association. Like me in my role as chairman of Biteback Media, he leaves his politics at home when doing his job. He's unlikely to risj his job over making a pro Tory point in an interview. In fact, he didn't do that at all. All he said was that both parties are talking to government contractors.

The Boiling Frog said...

As long as the envelope contains Brown's P45 inside then I'm not worried

Patrick said...

This ridiculous remark lead the bbc radio news most of the day!!

it was a obviously was not.

so what. wasnt the spitfire designed on the back of an envelope too.

cassandra said...

How does the labour party/BBC axis opperate?

The labour spinners think up a sound bite and then do the phone a friend routine to their allies at the BBC and Bobs yer uncle!
The BBC acts like a labour sound bite rely station and megaphone and of course a very efficient political airbrush.
The twitter twat who posted some of the most awful comment imagineable has been busted and sacked only after the story surfaced in the national media, but the BBC is already trying to bury the story. now imagine if you will if this twitter twat was a tory candidate, the BBC would have this as top story for days whereas its already just a single line footnote.
BTW the fact that the wife of Brown is a keen twitterer and she has been happy to read those comments and didnt find them in the least offensive as did a number of front bench labour MPs, they sacked the twitter twat only after the story broke, the question that the BBC will ignore is how come Sarah Brown and top labour people did not act before it became a news story?

wild said...

The "News" these days (when you can find out for yourself what is going on via the Internet) is more and more devoted to the "thoughts" of correspondents.

Since (by virtue of the fact they are journalists) correspondents have little or no experience of what they are talking about, they are (in an ocean of opinions and spin) vulnerable to making narrative choices based on their prejudices.

The result is a parade of fashionable (on the BBC and Channel Four news almost always Left Wing) falshehoods dressed up as truths.

At an election the BBC should simply report what others say i.e be reporters not commentators.