Thursday, January 07, 2010

Would You Like to Help IPSA?

I've been asked by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority to ask my blogreaders if they would like to respond to the consultation they have launched today...

Hello Iain,

You will probably be aware that we at IPSA today launched our statutory consultation on a new scheme for MPs expenses.

We are keen to get as many views from the public as possible in order to shape our new scheme.

We would be very happy if you link from your blog to our consultation website to encourage public involvement.

Delighted to do so. If you would like to engage with IPSA, click HERE.


Mark Wallace said...

The clear message to IPSA has got to be that the full Kelly proposals should be adopted in full. They mustn't be allowed to water them down as they are trying to!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Iain

WIlliam Blakes Ghost said...

In starting to fill in the IPSA questionnaire I realised that I do not support IPSA (yet another appointed QUANGO), have no faith in their solutions (as they and Kelly are dancing to the Telegraph's salacious tune and not thinking independently) and think that they will only cost the taxpayer more than the discredited system they replace without reigning in the costs of MPs.

So Scrap IPSA, abolish MP's individual general allowances (communications for example), make MPs expenses taxable and only payable on valid items (vastly reduce what are valid items), reduce the ACA by 25% and centralise all office expenses under controlled party budgets.

MPs then justify their office expenses to their party leaders and in turn party leaders have to justify their partys office expenses.

Consequently. I didn't comment because my main proposal is scrap IPSA. Creating IPSA is cutting of the taxpayers nose to spite our MP faces.

Just wait until IPSA up MPs salaries/ expenses (or recommend it anyway) Fact is under these proposals MPs will still get the same. They will just have to be a bit more imaginative about it and when IPSA puts their remuneration up we won't be able to do sod all about the MPs or their flunky bureaucrat mates.

It's all a crock of......

Anonymous said...

I do not trust anyone with any dealings with the present government.
So while I would be happy to give my views I will not be filling anything in that could end up in the wrong hands....namely Labour.
For anything.

BryanS said...

I was half way through and the site crashed. Forget it.

Charlie the Chump said...

While I agree with WBG I have completed the form, better than doing nothing

Anonymous said...

Can't open the link - any ideas?

Nigel said...

I have responded to the IPSA as follows:

The IPSA is a waste of taxpayers money. We do not need anything additional. The simplest, easiest and cheapest solution is for every MP to be subject to exactly the same HMRC standards as every other taxpayer or limited company in the UK. Nothing else is, as was ever, necessary.