Saturday, January 02, 2010

There's Nothing More Ex Than an Ex MP

Tune in to Radio 4's Beyond Westminster at 11am this morning for a fascinating look at what happens to MPs when they lose their seats.

The programme is previewed HERE.


Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

Hopefully for a few of the expense thieves their tenure as MP will be followed by a hefty tax bill and a prison sentence.

colin said...

These mps keep telling us how much more they could earn outside parliament.

Well now we'll find out.

Anonymous said...


Can I please have a pound for every time the hourly news headlines begin with "Gordon Brown..."

Dave H.

Pat said...

As Colin said, if MPs struggle to find work after leaving Parliament, then perhaps they weren't that good in the first place.

angelneptunestar said...

Iain look! So sorry to put this in the wrong place, but this is Boris's horoscope and he is an absolute genius! We knew it!

Anonymous said...

"Fascinating" wasn't a word that came to my mind

angelneptunestar said...

Gosh did you think of a much better word? Scintillating? Intergalactically dazzling? (that's two).

Future History of England said...

Because I feel so sorry for MPs who are having to leave work because of the persecution of the public who just do not undertstand how much work they do, and how little they are rewarded for it, I am in the middle of starting a website just for them, to help them get by in the real world.

Unsworth said...

Remarkable optimism from the local MP (Labour, majority less than 100). Claims he was unfairly ridiculed over his claims (pork pie, anyone?). Hotly denied that MPs had done anything 'wrong', but eventually 'got it' pretty late in the day. Seems to believe he's going to do OK when he steps down - pension and other substantial emoluments help, I guess. Taking 'interview coaching' etc in a big way - and doubtless at our expense. I look forward to seeing what his final expenses submissions may be.

Meanwhile, the hectic glamorous lifestyle continues unabated - travel, dinners, lunches with old friends, and rapid formation of new 'friendships', the gentle lubrication of useful contacts.

He could, of course, cut back and enjoy a simple, if modest, existence. That's not likely, though, is it? The trappings of power, influence and overweening self-importance are so seductive to these pathetically weak characters.

No, it'll probably be a prolonged, painful, adjustment to the normalities that so many of us are obliged to endure - at least, I do hope so.

Anonymous said...

Yes its was good to learn that some former MP's have had very rude awakening.
The £3m+ fund that all MP's contribute to for those who have fallen on hard times, Any ideas if the bastards charge their contributions to expenses ??

Still think a lot of them don't get it about the great expenses fraud & probably wont until a few of them are put up against the wall....

Why are the Police & CPS (aka Criminal Protection Service)taking so long to bring these crooks to justice.

Would be great IF we had some "Real Leadership from DC" which this once great country needs. A vote winner IMO would be handing TB over to the Hague & bringing GB & the rest of the dregs to account, in the Courts for last 12 years.Then put them in prison & take away all of there ill gotten gains. That would guarantee a large landslide for the Tories.

No doubt DC & Co will wish to sweep the mess under the carpet but I don't think the great unwashed are going to put up with this tactic.!!!

Rt Hon Members its just a bloody joke but at our expense !!!

Twig said...

I would like to see these people put out into the real world with no access to the public teat, but I guess it's too late now that they've granted themselves taxpayer funded defined benefit pensions the like of which the rif-raf can only dream.

Unless of course the new government make some retrospective changes something like Gordon's raid on private pensions?

That would be poetic justice.

judith said...

anon@4.15 - do you think before you write?

Even if Cameron were minded to haul Blair up to the Hague and Brown to 'the Courts' in order to achieve a landslide, by what power would he do this?

Just to remind you, he is the Leader of the Opposition, so it might just be a tad difficult to get these two arrested and prosecuted at the moment.

Future History of England said...

To assist everyone in understanding, I give you the following, directly from the Green Book

"The following questions are designed to assist Members in
coming to a decision about whether or not costs incurred are
appropriate to be met from the allowances:
Is this expense genuinely incurred by me in my role as a
Member of Parliament as opposed to my personal capacity?
Is this purchase supporting me in carrying out my
parliamentary duties? Defining parliamentary duties is difficult
but Members may wish to consider (i) the generally accepted
parliamentary functions: the legislative role; the oversight
and accountability role; and the representative role, including
dealing with constituents’ problems and (ii) obligations they
may have, for example as a small employer. Anything which is
done for personal benefit or for electioneering or for the direct
support of a political party will not be part of a Member’s
parliamentary duties.
Does the claim match the purpose of the allowance in question
as set out later in the Green Book?
Could the claim in any way damage the reputation of
Parliament or its Members?
How comfortable do I feel with the knowledge that my claim
will be available to the public under Freedom of Information?"

With the above being mentioned on pages 11, and 12. Not that far to read into a book. We get claims for Gardening, Bath Plugs, DVDs and Candy Bars.

Now in my mind, I would never claim for any of those things, its just not part of my job.

Also, since I would be earning 3 times the average wage, and people on the average wage seem to have nice TVs and DVDs, and some how they also manage to eat, then maybe I should be able to get by with buying my own DVD and candy bar?

No, MPs will never understand.