Friday, January 01, 2010

Marr Eviscerates Gordon Brown

The final video from Miranda Hart's BBC2 retrospective on 2009, in which we see Andrew Marr go for Gordon Brown's jugular.

Hattip: Tory Taff

Scroll down the page to see similar videos featuring David Cameron and Nick Clegg.


Charlotte Corday said...

Funny. But not half as funny as P.D. James' real life evisceration of the BBC's chief Mark Thompson on the "Today" programme.

Bobby McRobertson said...

Not funny.

phillip said...

very unfunny

Twig said...

That'll be the day.

In reality he would have blocked the questions with a stream of tractor production stats and then minced off in a huff like he did at the interview with Adam Boulton.

Dan Hannan's was the funniest demolition of Brown I've ever seen and I don't think he will ever allow himself to be exposed to that degree of humiliation again (although his kneejerk YouTube clip on the expenses scam was a cracker).

tapestry said...

very amusing!

not so amusing are the finances.

Revenues to April are targeted to be GBP 440 billion by Darling. That's only going to happen if the economy kicks back to life which it is not. The figure could well be nearer GBP 410 billion.

In April 2008, revenues were GBP 606 billion per annum.

We are talking an over 30% fall in government revenues.

And that's before we express grave doubts as the accuracy of the projected spending figures, given as GBP 620 billion.

The finances are way beyond staggeringly out of all control.

Where is the media on this?.

Gordon lives in total denial of the financial reality around him. The media is cowed. The result will be an explosive crash.

Mark M said...

"A lot of people use sex and violence to help them get through [pause] Are you one of those people?"

:) LOL