Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Daley Watt

1. Isabel Oakeshott, who ghosted the Peter Watt book, writes about how it came about.
2. The Staggers asks: why now?
3. Steven Adams accuses the BBC of bias over the Watt book.
4. Ben Brogan on life with Gordon.
5. Iain Martin on revenge.
6. PoliticalBetting wonders if the Watt book is a storm in a teacup.
7. Next Left asks: Watt's the point?
8. Fraser Nelson on what the Watt revelations tell us about the Brown operation.
9. Alex Massie gives his tuppenyworth.
10. Guido takes more evidence of Brown's 'bonkersness'.
11. Eric Pickles sees the book as further evidence of Brown's dysfunction.
12. Conor Ryan on the consequences of failure to care.

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1 comment:

I Squiggle said...

I’m with Steven Adams on this one. Peter Watt wasn’t some minor apparatchik, he was General Secretary of the Labour Party FFS! So he may have some axe to grind (who doesn’t with this complete shower), but the revelations, that someone who had his position, surely rate a mention high up the BBC news agenda?