Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Red Rag has a new take on an old election poster. And another one.
2. Paul Waugh on a new plot against Gordon Brown.
3. Max Atkinson on how Ted Heath refused to say if he liked Harold Wilson.
4. The Staggers suggests some attack lines for Nick Clegg.
5. I welcome Andrew Neil into the ranks of climate change sceptics.
6. Rumours of a Tory defection to the English Democrats prove wide of the mark.
7. Beau Bo D'Or has two new takes on the new Tory poster.
8. Alastair Campbell is right to be baffled.
9. If it's Tuesday, Michael White adopts a new position on a Hung Parliament.
10. Daily Referendum asks if a vote for Nick Clegg is a vote against Christianity.
11. Tom Harris writes in defence of 'Chelsea Tractors'.
12. Iain Martin wonders whether Gordon Brown should order the invasion of Iceland.

Every Day TimMontgomerie of ConservativeHome is writing a daily election brief. It concentrates on the election related events of the day. I'd bookmark it if I were you.


Victor, NW Kent said...

I especially liked the New Scientist article which so cogently pointed out that even several years of colder temperatures would not invalidate the accepted principle of global warming. I suppose then that several years of warmer temperatures would not counter the evidence for global cooling.

Also terrifying was the prediction that sea levels might rise by 30 cms over the century thus wreaking havoc. In old money that is a foot. One foot rise in sea levels will threaten very little, anywhere.

It would certainly be very far from the highest levels of all time. I live on a chalk down. Look it up and you will know how it was built.

Anonymous said...

Well, much as I'm not a climate change sceptic--and for the record, that doesn't make me a fundamentalist--I like the fact that some people keep us tethered to this planet we value so very highly, be they defending said "tractors" in the name of common sense, or pointing out that "the evidence is mixed", which is no doubt the closest the Beeb will let any employee get to agreeing with Iain Dale.

As for Nick Clegg, the poll on DR's own blogpost was 78% in favour of a godless prime minister when I voted "yes". I honestly don't mind a PM who believes, as long as their cloud-borne friend doesn't make their choices for them. Having said that, I lived in the States for a long time, and it gets pretty annoying the hundredth time you hear "God Bless America" get devalued to a necessary speech suffix.

alastair said...

Why do you give Alastair Camobell the oxygen of publicity? If Fred West had a blog would you reference it? Why give such a discredited person any publicity at all.

javelin said...

just read an outraguous article on the BBC where their chief climate scientist, Richard Black, confuses 0C with 0F, to justify global warming.

What hope have we !!!!!!!


It's cold in Kirkcaldy, freezing in Frankfurt and brass monkeys in Bryn Mawr... a winter spell with weather that's unusually - well - wintry.

But not everywhere; in fact, other places in the Northern Hemisphere are seeing weather that's unseasonably warm.

In Goose Bay in Newfoundland, it's barely getting below 0C - bikini weather, relatively speaking, given that the average minimum for January is -23C.


well I just googled it and it appears the temperatures are -32!!! Actually it's 0F degrees, but that's using farhenheit
Not celceius.

Weather for Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL, Canada
1°C Drizzle
Wind: NE at 6 mph
Humidity: 100%
Wed : -29°C | -32°C
Thu : -27°C | -28°C
Fri : -27°C | -28°C
Sat : -27°C | -28°C

javelin said...

Just wanted to add something to my post on Richard Blacks deeply laughable article that all the comments seem to miss out on the basic fact that he's mixed his temperature scales up.

This tells me everything I need to know about climate change science, and politicians who follow it. It's full of idiots - including Gordon Brown.

Advice to any politician ... Run away.