Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Brown Shades PMQs Exchanges

Well that was a bit heated wasn't it? Both Gordon Brown and David Cameron were on good form, each with some good lines, some clearly rehearsed, but others not. Brown played his usual trick of turning it into Leader of the Opposition's Question Time, something the Speaker ought to have prevented but didn't. Brown tried to turn every question back on Cameron, which is a fair enough debating tactic, but doesn't do a lot to answer the perfectly legitimate questions put to him by the Leader of the Opposition.

I would say that Gordon Brown just shaded the exchange, in part because he showed a passion which has not always been evident in his performances, but also because he had a couple of good, spontaneous oneliners. Cameron's "I love you, Darling" was probably the most memorable line of the exchange, though.

Nick Clegg, well, didn't really catch light at all.

Gordon Brown 7
David Cameron 6.5
Nick Clegg 4


Anonymous said...

I thought Broon lost big time, as per usual, it may as well be a re-run as Broon never answers a question and continuously and inanely chants out the same old buzzwords.

Anonymous said...

Brown was even more terrible at PMQs than usual.

William Blake's Ghost said...

I can only assume Iain you are restarting the Save Gordon campaign.

Brown refused to answer questions and gabbled his way through Cameron's questions rambling and ranting instead of answering.

Cameron 3-1 win.

Anyway now on to more important things and Brown's vote of confidence. ROFLMAO OH what joy!

boulay said...

why is it that all of you commentators give brown any credit at all when he does not answer any questions except for plants and simply reads out a rehearsed diatribe about tory policy etc.

until you all grow a pair and tell brown he was crap - if he cannot answer questions then he is a disgrace - then parliament and important public displays liek pmqs will continue to be dragged further into the gutter.

honestly, you would not even win a prep-school debate with the approach that brown uses.

Roger360 said...

Iain you cannot be serious. Brown shaded it!! It was his usual useless performance, but with shouting. Given that Cameron was goading him to come up with something on Govt policy on deficit reduction, answer came there none. It really does not work if all Brown can do is trot out his version of Tory policies.

Brown 3, Cameron 6, Clegg 1

boulay said...

you also forgot to mention how coincidentally the labour mps stopped abusing clegg and brown did not try and make him look stupid now that they are actively courting the lib-dems.

sign of weakness if ever there was one.

Clive B said...

I thought Cameron had it over Brown, but then as usual Brown was able to kick back against the open goals offered by the useless Conservative back-bench questions. When is Cameron going to get a grip on it and get his MPs to start acting as a team with some decently prepared questions that support the position he's taken rather than opening up a new very weak front? You could never imagine Labour allowing it.

Anonymous said...

eron should use the tactic Hague used to best Blair. Ask a question and then, when it is not answered, give the answer, before asking the next question.

"Will the Prime Minister tell us by how much Government expenditure between 2001 and 2008 exceeded income?"

"blah blah, blah"

"The answer is £210 billion. Now, n he tell us how much ......."

etc etc

It was the only tactic that caught Blair out and I uspect it will do for Brown as well.

cherami said...

If Brown had a good pmqs it's because Cameron had heard of the budding plot and gave Brown an easy ride to encourage Labour to stick with their respected and loved leader.

Digitagit said...

I'm sorry, I disagree with the other comments. Cameron has failed to impress, on any matter, since well before Xmas. He needs to get his act together, quickly. Fraser Nelson's comments about Cameron's vapidity on the Spectator blog are absolutely on the money.

richard.blogger said...

The "I love you Darling" line was childish and just made me cringe. Doesn't Dave have any good speech writers these days?

john problem said...

The only thing that is missing from our esteemed Prime Minister's performances at Question Time is foam at the mouth. These few minutes when he pretends to answer questions are even more excruciating that one and half hours of Strictly Come Dancing. Disraeli and Gladstone must be turning in their graves.

Anonymous said...

Clear win for Brown.Why is Dave all over the place with his 50p tax rate.He should state clearly that he wants to scap it a.s.a.p.
show some balls Dave.....