Friday, January 08, 2010

Another Labour Attack Fails

Anyone noticed a trend among Labour bloggers and Tweeters over the last 24 hours? They're trying desperately to portray the Conservatives as more disunited than Labour. Yes, you read that right.

As the Daily Politics poll proved, they'll have a problem. It does seem as if it is being coordinated, but in a very amateurish way.

Paul Richards on Progress, Anthony Painter, Sadiq Khan, Jack Straw, they're all at it in a laughably desperate way. The class war attack didn't work and neither will this. The electorate are not fools. All they have had to do over the last three days is watch any news bulletin to see the disunity at the heart of New Labour.


javelin said...

Hadn't noticed.

Fart in the forest and all that.

Anthony Painter said...

Iain, my post is an analysis not an 'attack.' Surely, it's fair enough to look at the different political forces within the Conservative party without that being seen as an 'attack'? Is that not allowed just because the Government has had a bad week (which I completely acknowledge and discuss in the post)?

Here's the piece. I'm sure your readers will disagree with many (if not all!) of the points I make but surely, even in this climate, there has to a space for a proper discussion of the issues?

I sincerely hope so.

Iain Dale said...

Anthony, of course it is an attack! And of course such things are all part and parcel of politics. All I was pointing out is the coincidence of all of these similar attacks happening on the same day.

Anonymous said...

What desperate, desparate, bare-faced nonsense from Labour. They really have no shame, or any sense of 'moral compass'.
The country can't wait for an election - this country has become a laughing stock.

Nigel said...

Fair enough Anthony, let's call it a spinalysis then.

Anthony Painter said...

To be honest, I didn't even know about the other comments until I read your post.

Anyway, there is an interesting discussion to be had- from all perspectives- about where the Conservatives are heading. In honesty, I'm intrigued by the progressive conservatism strand of current Conservative thinking but feel it is under-developed. I recognise the neo-Thatcherite stuff- of course. It will be interesting to see which will out.

Unsworth said...

@ Anthony Painter

'Neo-Thatcherite'? WTF does that actually mean? Usual business of 'labelling' going on here, isn't it?

And 'analysis' - what does that really mean? What's the empirical basis of this 'analysis', eh? For that matter, what are your academic credentials? Or is this a fairly poor attempt to dress up a political stance as a sort of 'scientific' examination?

wild said...

It amuses me (I am easily amused) that Anthony Painter feels the need to tell us that he is "intrigued by progressive conservatism".

It does not seem to cross his mind that nobody with any intelligence or morals is the slightest bit interested in what somebody who believes the Labour Party ought to win the next election has to say about politics.

Victor, NW Kent said...

Two things stand out in Anthony Painter's polemic.

He cannot spell vascillation and there are several other such mistakes.

Secondly, he is whistling against the wind. Almost nobody is interested in this type of "analysis". Even that term is misused since analysis is a scientific process designed to establish facts. It is not a device to support untenable theories.

WV = inate [another poor spelling]

Mark Valladares said...

Good heavens, you mean that Jack Straw was in his London home? So where have his security detail gone? They never seem to be there any more...